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  • Dr. Justin Quinn

Celtics Lab 40: Setting expectations for Jabari Parker as a Celtics player rehab project

The Boston Celtics have made something of a name for themselves as a good landing spot for players whose career has fallen short of where expectations had at one time had them pegged, with head coach Brad Stevens getting a reputation as the sort of coach able to get a little more out of such players than his peers.

Now, the team has decided to sign former No. 2 overall pick Jabari Parker to a two-year deal in the same sort of mold as we once saw for the Jordan Crawfords and Evan Turners of the league. What should we expect from Parker given how hard injuries have impacted his career, and just how real is the imagined capabilities of Boston as a potential career rejuvenator?

This week's edition of the Celtics Lab asks exactly these questions, with hosts Cameron Tabatabaie, Alex Goldberg and Justin Quinn diving deep into the data and narratives surrounding the modern-day Celtics mystique of career rehabilitation.

We find some nuggets of truth to it, some glaring exceptions, and discord about who should even be considered such players. Plug in your aux cords or earphones and press play, this edition of the lab sets the table for the Jabari Parker in Boston.

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