• Dr. Justin Quinn

Celtics Lab 35: Pre-trade deadline trade rumor review with Jared Weiss

The Boston Celtics are front in center in seemingly every trade rumor there is ahead of the 2021 NBA trade deadline, with fan favorites like Marcus Smart supposedly in the mix to be moved to a new team, and a bevy of other names linked casually or in hot pursuit.

Enough to leave even a savvy superfan in a spate of dizziness, we felt it best to turn to the experts and get the skinny on what the Celtics might be up to this week. To that end, we brought on Celtics Wire alumnus and Athletic NBA insider Jared Weiss to get some intel on what he has been hearing about Boston, as well as what he thinks is going to happen.

While it is certainly possible the team looks much the same come Friday, March 26, from what we are hearing it might do you well to prepare for some serious change.

Without being too forthcoming (or any more oblique), join hosts Cam Tabatabaie, Alex Goldberg and Justin Quinn on this episode of the Celtics Lab to get caught up on what Boston might be getting ready to pull the trigger on.

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