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  • Dr. Justin Quinn

Celtics Lab 28: From Boston to Tacoma and back again with Jon Finkel

The Boston Celtics had a tough week with losses to the Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs, but they could have also lost Marcus Smart for a long while to a leg injury that turned out to be much less severe than it initially appeared.

At the same time, Boston geared up for a west coast road trip while JJ Redick trade rumors tied the veteran guard to the Celtics, and old friend Isaiah Thomas joined Team USA while ruling out a Boston return. With the west coast turn and IT news, we teamed up with inaugural Slow Grind Publishing author Jon Finkel to talk about “Hoops Heist”, his new book on the Seattle basketball scene and the Seattle Supersonics in particular.

The King in the Fourth’s first foray into publishing, Finkel also shared his thoughts on a tough week for the Celtics fans and a whole lot more. Join Alex Goldberg of Off the Glass, Cam Tabatabaie of Celtics Hub and Justin Quinn of Celtics Wire as they talk basketball from Tacoma and back again with Finkel in this latest episode of Celtics Lab.

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