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Celtics Lab 22: Talking Kemba's knee, media week and All-Time All-Stars with John Karalis

Kemba Walker/JBL

Hello world! Getting started, we wanted to say hello to the readers of Off the Glass as Celtics Lab joins the network; some of you have been following the pod over the years as it's evolved from one era and context to the next, and we're very excited to have you with us as we join OTG's mix of NBA podcasts.

To those of you who are new, thanks for checking us out!

For the unfamiliar, we cover the Boston Celtics from a nerdier, issue-based perspective, with a deep team of rotating hosts covering whatever really gets our collective noggins sizzling about the Celtics and the league more generally.

We're especially excited to kick off our tenure with OTG with a special guest who knows as much about the state of the team as anyone -- more on him in a second.

The Celtics just wrapped up their media week, the annual event (usually just one day under normal conditions) where the press gets a look at the team as it will look for the most part going into the coming season.

This year, things are considerably different than they've been in years past, and for good reason.

This is the first season where contention is not only on the plate but expected since the rebuild began more than a half-decade ago, and it's happening in the midst of a global pandemic -- both inflecting the event in their own important ways.

But it's also the week we learned that starting point guard Kemba Walker will miss the first few weeks of the season or more as he builds up strength in and lets a stem cell injection help his often-balky knee.

Just how worried should we be?

We try to answer this very question with this week's guest -- John Karalis of Masslive and the "Locked on Celtics" podcast -- who sticks around to tell us about his new book, "The Boston Celtics All-Time All-Stars - the best players at each position for the Cs".

Join Alex Goldberg of Off the Glass and Justin Quinn of the Celtics Wire as they join John to talk all things media week, the newly-released 2020-21 schedule, and much more in this episode of Celtics Lab.

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