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Basketball Sports Betting Strategies for Beginners

As one of the most popular forms of sports betting that is rival only to football betting, basketball also has its following and will not be going away anytime soon. While the sport itself is simple enough and straightforward, the strategies to employ a reasonable win rate can be complicated, especially for the uninitiated. However, one would ultimately develop a good sense of the game and win more frequently using their knowledge and experience in basketball betting.

You can do plenty of things to win more often in basketball betting. And not only that, but there are many guides that can supposedly help you win more bets. However, you can often find that most of these strategies are circumstantial and can only be done in specific situations.

For a beginner, straightforward strategies, in a more general sense, are an excellent way to start building a knowledge base for basketball betting. The strategies that we will talk about in a while will be simple and easy enough to get you started in basketball betting. Here are some of them.

Look For Value First

One of the most common mistakes that many bettors make, even the experienced ones, is thinking that betting is all about picking winners. While that is true to some extent, picking winners is only half the game. You should focus on choosing the best value from betting sites such as the Duel.

You can win a lot of bets but still practically lose a lot of money because of the poor value you are choosing. The secret of any form of sports betting is to find the best deal and maximize your bets on said picks at the most suitable time possible.

Watch Out for the Favorites

The public is prone to betting on teams with their hearts instead of using their heads. When the media overhyped a group, it has a significant chance of being the public favorite and thus will take a lot of bets. Smart bettors look for this opportunity. With that in mind, you have to be careful when placing your bets, especially when it's on the favorites.

Everyone wants their favorite teams to win, and thus they support them by betting big money on them. Of course, as a major fan of the sport, this makes the game very enjoyable and thrilling. However, as a sports bettor, this is bad news. What we're trying to say is that you should only bet on your favorite when it's a logical thing to do and if they have a chance of winning. That is what it means to bet with your head and not your heart.

Always Check the Team Schedules

One of the main hindrances of a team not playing in their top form is fatigue. Fatigue plays a huge role in a team's success in basketball. Unlike football, basketball teams play many more games and in varying schedules. Sometimes, they even play multiple games in a single week, which can be very tiring for a team.

Considering the team's schedule and how many games they are playing recently can be the difference between winning and losing your bets. A general rule of thumb is that when a team is playing their fourth game in five days, you can bet that they will be very tired during their next game.

If you also look at the location of their games, you can also gauge how tired they will be for their next games. One thing that can make you sure that they are tired is when they are playing a lot of away games. With multiple games in a single week and a lot of traveling between them, there will be no doubt that they will be exhausted.

Look Closely at the Line Movements

We've talked about the importance of finding value earlier. Now, we will further talk about how important it is in line movement. Let's have an example. Let's say that the Mavericks are playing the Rockets next week, and the Mavericks have +200. On the days leading up to the game, sports centers and the media, in general, are hyping up the Rockets for various reasons, and with the public being, as they are, they begin to flood the Rockets with a lot of bets.

To level the playing field, bookies will then make the odds for Mavericks +220. What we're saying here is that by paying attention to line movements, you will eventually see odds that have value. However, since lines fluctuate, you need to be quick about it and strike the iron while still hot.

To Wrap It Up

The strategies mentioned above are great if you want to establish a knowledge base for more advanced strategies down the road. They are great because they make you understand how basketball betting works and how you should play it. With these stats as your foundation, you can now gain experiences and learn some strategies of your own.

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