• Khaleel

Atlanta Hawks 2020 Free Agent Targets

Trae Young made his first All-Star appearance and was named a starter. He’s ready to light the league on fire but he needs some help BAD. The Hawks only won 20 games last season. They have a lot of young talent featuring guys like John Collins, Kevin Huerter, Cam Reddish and De’Andre Hunter, as well as a solid defensive presence they acquired near the trade deadline in Clint Capela. However, they could use some more solid guys that can step in and help contribute right away.

Loaded with cash, they are projected to have around $44 million to spend as well as the Room Exception ($4.76 million) and will have a legit opportunity to sign a bigger name as not many teams are in a great cap situation this free agency.

Who could Atlanta sign in free agency to help the team rise from the bottom of the standings?

1 – Re-Sign Jeff Teague

Bringing him back to Atlanta was a smart move. Not just for the nostalgia and seeing him in a Hawks jersey again. He is a very solid veteran point guard and can help Trae in many ways while not demanding a ton of minutes. Teague can take the youth under his wing while leading the second unit and he likely won’t cost much either.

2 – Brandon Ingram

Ingram is another player that made his first All-Star game last season. He was the main acquisition for the Pelicans in the Anthony Davis trade and will be a restricted free agent, meaning New Orleans has the right to and likely will match any offer. It wouldn’t hurt to try, though, as he would look so good on the Hawks. He’s long with a 7-foot-3 wingspan, can play both forward positions, is an all-around player and only Damian Lillard scored more points per game while shooting better from three than he did last season.

3 – Malik Beasley

From Denver to Minnesota, something happened. Maybe it was just the increased opportunity or maybe the system fit him better. Whatever it was, his three-point shooting and scoring became a force to reckon with. Similar to the Splash Brothers in Steph Curry and Klay Thompson on the Warriors, these two young guns could unload at will and become a scary duo on the offensive end. Yes, he’s restricted but how much would the Wolves be willing to pay him after all his off-court indiscretions?

4 - Davis Bertans

I know. I know. What’s up with me and three-point shooting in this piece? Well, when you think of Trae that’s one of the two things you think of first. Any player that can join that party in making it rain from deep would be a welcome sight for Atlanta. Bertans is a flamethrower with a quick trigger. Trae is double teamed, leaving Bertans wide open. Bang! The look of fear on the faces of opponents while being shot out of the gym would be priceless.