• Chandler Harper

4 Players the Hawks Could Target for Backcourt Help

The Hawks made the questionable decision to start the 2019-2020 season without a backup point guard.  They essentially did not have any who could dribble outside of Trae Young.  This problem was neutralized some once Kevin Huerter/Cam Reddish got healthy, Brandon Godwin was promoted from the G-League, and Jeff Teague was acquired.  The Hawks still need to find Trae Young some help.

Hawk’s ownership has made it clear they have playoff expectations for this upcoming season.  With the cap space and trade assets the Hawks have you can certainly expect them to find a creator/ball handler to pair with Trae.  They have the assets to get into the conversation for any big fish that could potentially hit the market, but with that being unlikely, I’m going to take a look at a few of the more realistic trade targets.  

Derrick White

Derrick White broke out in the bubble with his electric shooting.  He is already a great defender at the guard spot and can play on or off the ball, he would fit great next to Trae.  Finding a middle ground for a trade might be tough though.  The Hawks #6 pick is probably too valuable to give up for White, but if the Spurs add in their #11 pick then they are likely getting the short-end.  This is my attempt at finding a trade that satisfies both sides:

Terry Rozier

Rozier had a great season for the Hornets posting career highs in many stats.  His jump to 41% from down-town on almost 7 attempts a night is an enormous jump.  He could fill the exact same role in Atlanta too: quality off-ball play, secondary creation, and good guard defense.  Despite the quality production, he is still probably considered a slightly negative value contract.  This deal will depend on if Charlotte’s appetite for getting Rozier’s remaining two years -- if so, the asking price will likely be pretty cheap.  A deal could look like this:

Josh Richardson

Richardson underperformed a little in the 2019-2020 season but he still fits like a glove next to Trae Young.  His elite guard defense and secondary creation would be huge for Atlanta.  Philly is set to get very expensive this year and in the future too, the Sixers could look to move off of Richardson in exchange for future assets.  It could be as simple as the 6th pick as a straight swap for Richardson.  That is probably a little rich for Atlanta due to Richardson’s off year and expiring contract, but if he regains his old form and is willing to extend or resign in Atlanta then the deal would easily be worth it.  But as it stands now, Richardson probably is not worth the 6th pick, a deal would probably look something like this:

Spencer Dinwiddie

Dinwiddie is essentially in the exact same contract situation as Richardson, so that factors into his trade value just like it did with Richardson.  Dinwiddie is probably the purest point guard mentioned so far, he still should fit great in Atlanta though.  His size plus Trae’s elite ability to play out of spot up situations would allow them to coexist just fine.  This is what a deal could look like: