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  • Nick Fay

2021 NBA Playoffs: Game 1 Thoughts

OTG’s Nick Fay and Kory Waldron touch on Game 1 from every NBA Playoff series! Who popped off for the Suns? Luka Doncic > Kawhi Leonard? Guard issues in Denver? Not enough talent for Boston and Washington? No Bucks and Heat repeat? Knicks and Hawks is destined for seven games?

Game 1 Thoughts

- Suns vs Lakers

- Jazz vs Grizzlies

- Clippers vs Mavs

- Nuggets vs Blazers

- Sixers vs Wizards

- Nets vs Celtics

- Knicks vs Hawks

- Bucks vs Heat


- Suns vs Lakers series prediction

- Jazz vs Grizzlies series prediction

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