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2020 NBA Playoffs: Western Conference Predictions

Our staff drops their picks for the first round of the 2020 NBA playoffs.

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Portland Trail Blazers

Alec Liebsch: Lakers in 5

Karin Abcarians: Lakers in 5

Alder Almo: Lakers in 6

Chris Harden: Lakers in 5

Nik Cuvalo: Lakers in 6

Marquist Parker: Lakers in 5

Alex Goldberg: Lakers in 5

Cam Tabatabaie: Lakers in 6

Khaleel Abdullah: Lakers in 7

Joe Makar: Lakers in 6

Josh Gamel: Blazers in 6

Nick Boylan: Lakers in 7

Cody Kluge: Lakers in 5

Cameron K-M: Lakers in 6

Charles Allen: Lakers in 6

Darnell Weeden: Blazers in 7

Dalton Pence: Lakers in 5

Los Angeles Clippers vs. Dallas Mavericks

Alec Liebsch: Clippers in 5

Karin Abcarians: Clippers in 7

Alder Almo: Clippers in 5

Chris Harden: Clippers in 6

Nik Cuvalo: Clippers in 6

Marquist Parker: Clippers in 6

Alex Goldberg: Clippers in 5

Cam Tabatabaie: Clippers in 6

Khaleel Abdullah: Clippers in 6

Joe Makar: Clippers in 5

Josh Gamel: Clippers in 6

Nick Boylan: Clippers in 6

Cody Kluge: Clippers in 6

Cameron K-M: Clippers in 6

Charles Allen: Clippers in 6

Darnell Weeden: Clippers in 5

Dalton Pence: Clippers in 5

Denver Nuggets vs, Utah Jazz

Alec Liebsch: Nuggets in 6

Karin Abcarians: Nuggets in 6

Alder Almo: Nuggets in 7

Chris Harden: Nuggets in 6

Nik Cuvalo: Nuggets in 6

Marquist Parker: Nuggets in 4

Alex Goldberg: Nuggets in 7

Cam Tabatabaie: Nuggets in 5

Khaleel Abdullah: Nuggets in 5

Joe Makar: Nuggets in 6

Josh Gamel: Nuggets in 5

Nick Boylan: Nuggets in 6

Cody Kluge: Jazz in 7

Cameron K-M: Nuggets in 6

Charles Allen: Nuggets in 6

Darnell Weeden: Nuggets in 6

Dalton Pence: Nuggets in 4

Houston Rockets vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

Alec Liebsch: Rockets in 6

Karin Abcarians: Thunder in 6

Alder Almo: Thunder in 7

Chris Harden: Rockets in 7

Nik Cuvalo: Rockets in 7

Marquist Parker: Rockets in 5

Alex Goldberg: Rockets in 7

Cam Tabatabaie: Thunder in 6

Khaleel Abdullah: Rockets in 7

Joe Makar: Rockets in 7

Josh Gamel: Rockets in 6

Nick Boylan: Thunder in 7

Cody Kluge: Rockets in 5

Cameron K-M: Thunder in 6

Charles Allen: Thunder in 7

Darnell Weeden: Rockets in 7

Dalton Pence: Rockets in 6

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