• Cameron Wright

OTG's All-Decade Team: Golden State Warriors Edition

 Associated Press

The Warriors were the defining team of the mid-to-late 2010s. They defined basketball during this decade, and created one of the strongest dynasties that the NBA has ever seen.

But who have been their best players over the last ten years? From Curry to KD, many future Hall-of-Famers have graced the hardwood for this historic franchise during the past decade.

Guard - Stephen Curry

Steph is the Warriors franchise. Every conversation begins and ends with his name and the attached laundry list of accomplishments. He is a 2x MVP, 3x NBA champion, and the deadliest shooter to ever step foot on an NBA court. Debuting in 2009 out of Davidson, Steph has changed the way the game of basketball is played, and will go down as a top-20 player when it’s all said and done. 

Forward - Kevin Durant

This one was tough. Obviously, KD is better than Draymond Green, but Dray has been with the franchise longer and was integral to the rise of the Warriors dynasty. But KD is just too good to pass up. A 2x NBA Finals MVP who (controversially) left the Oklahoma City Thunder to join Golden State, Durant turned a special budding Warriors franchise into a dynastic team, spawning a legendary era of Bayside basketball. 

Center - Andrew Bogut

The Warriors have never had a dominant center, and while it may be easy to say that DeMarcus Cousins could take this spot, he only played 30 games for the franchise. David Lee could have taken this slot as well, but he was more of a power forward than a center. Bogut’s all-time status stems less from his averages and more for his defense and prominent role in mentoring and guiding the young talent to their first NBA title. 

Role Player - Shaun Livingston

Shaun Livingston is the Mr. Miyagi of the Warriors. On every step of the journey, Shaun was there with wisdom and much needed energy off the bench. His role as a veteran cannot be downplayed when discussing the Warrior’s success. 

Wildcard - Contempt from the Rest of the League

The Warriors, believe it or not, had a chip on their shoulder ever since they won their first title. This is because of the notion that they “ruined the league”, and that takes a toll on a team after a while. The Warriors used the hate directed at them and translated it into a dominant, decade-defining dynasty. 

High Point - 2015 Finals

The Warriors had gone 40 years since their last title, and winning the NBA Finals in 2015 over King James was massive for the franchise. 

Low Point - Like, Right Now

It’s bad to see your team struggle. It’s worse to see them struggle because your stars are injured. That is the dilemma for the Warriors right now. Klay Thompson is out for the season, Steph is out until mid- to late-spring, and losing KD and Cousins this offseason only makes things worse.

Future Prediction - A Title, Only if the Stars Align

No one doubts that the Warriors can win another title - especially if D’Angelo Russell stays in town. However, Steph and Klay aren’t getting any younger, and Steph in particular doesn’t have a great track record with durability. If everyone can stay healthy, this team becomes lethal and shoots right back up the standings. Add in young talents like Kevon Looney and Eric Paschall, then another banner could end up hanging in Golden State before long.

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