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Fantasy Basketball Recap: Week 5

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

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As we enter this Thanksgiving week, looking at your fantasy team, are you thankful or are you just ready for a break? Is your team stuffing the stat sheet like a turkey, or is your team just sitting there awkwardly like canned cranberry on the plate everyone is avoiding? If you have one of our fantasy studs below, there is a good chance you are coming into this week with good things to reflect on. If you happen to have one of our fantasy duds below, maybe you are just looking to eat as a much as you can and stay away from it all.

Fantasy Studs

Here are five guys that if they are on your team, you are probably pretty thankful right now.

  • Luka Doncic. In his last four games, Doncic has had two 40 point games, two triple-doubles, and the Mavericks are on a five game win streak. He's doing pretty much everything for the Mavericks right now and is absolutely killing it.

  • Zach Lavine. Lavine just scored 13 three's in a single game. 13! He also added in 49 points and four rebounds. It looks like a fire has been lit under him and it showed on Saturday against the Hornets. Here's to hoping he can keep it up.

  • Jonathan Isaac. Isaac is truly transforming right before our eyes. After missing two games, he's come back with a vengeance. He's averaging 20.5 points, 11 rebounds, 2 assists, 2.5 steals, and 2 made threes a night in those two games. For a guy who wasn't drafted high, he's showing everyone what he is capable of.

  • Clint Capela. Speaking of capable, just call him Clint Capable, because is averaging 20 rebounds a game over his last four games. When the Rockets traded for Westbrook, many assumed Capela's numbers would go down, but he's proving his worth on a team with high aspirations.

  • Karl-Anthony Towns. If you were able to draft Towns in the first round, you are probably pretty thankful right now. On any given night he could score 30 points, with 15 rebounds, five threes, and a few assists, and you wouldn't even think much of it because he does it consistently. This week was no different for him.

Fantasy Duds

Here are five guys who probably need to a few days off this holiday week to recoup.

Sarah Stier-Getty Images

  • Lauri Markkanen. In Markkanen's last two games he's failed to score in double-digits, or shoot above 25%. This year hasn't been friendly towards him, and this week was especially rude.

  • Jonas Valanciunas. Not only did the Raptors decide against giving Valanciunas a championship ring, his last two games haven't given him much either. Like Markkanen, he's failed to score in double-digits, or get double-digit rebounds. If anyone needs a few days off to spend with family, it's him.

  • Kyle Kuzma. Kuzma is still working his way back into shape, but in his last three games, two of those games he only scored five points. Thankfully for him, the Lakers are able to overcome his rough stretch, hopefully your fantasy team has been able to do so too.

  • Marc Gasol. Gasol is still owned in 73% of standard Yahoo leagues. I'm not sure if 73% of people know something that I don't, but this past week was another dud for him. Three straight games were he scored five points or less, while failing to rebound more than eight boards in a game. His shooting percentage was 38% during that stretch too. Seriously, I'm not sure why so many are still holding on to him.

  • Luke Kennard. Kennard put together a seven game stretch where he averaged 21 points. In his last four games he's averaging 8.5 points, while not shooting a pretty percentage.

Week 5 Overview

Some of the things to be thankful for this week:

  • A few injuries popped up, but none appear to be too serious. You should be able to manage.

  • Carmelo Anthony is back, whether you think that's a good thing or not, he's getting people talking.

  • Guys keep dropping 40 point games. On any given night in the NBA, someone is doing something spectacular.

  • Guys who were just viewed as projects a season or two ago, are becoming franchise cornerstones.

  • The league is still wide open. Sure, there are favorites to make it all the way, but as of right now, many teams still have quite a bit to play for.

Waiver Wire Potential

Here are 10 guys who are owned in 50%or less in standard Yahoo fantasy basketball leagues could possibly help your team this week.

CBS Sports

  • Carmelo Anthony, SF/PF (50%). Sure he may not play much defense, but that matters little in fantasy basketball. He's a good source of points, three's, rebounds. He might hurt you on turnovers, but the Trail Blazers are allowing him to play his style of basketball, so he's worth a look.

  • Alec Burks, PG/SG (47%). I love guys who qualify for multiple positions, and Burks is going to be a main contributor for the depleted Warriors. While we knew he'd probably be a good source of points, three's, and assists, he's also been a surprisingly good rebounder for his position.

  • Nemanja Bjelica, PF (46%). The Kings have been a bit of mess this season, but things should settle down soon. Bjelica has been getting around 30 minutes a game, and he's using those minutes wisely. He's scoring and rebounding pretty well, while also dropping in a few three's each game. He's also had a few multiple steal games too.

  • Coby White, PG (45%). White is routinely showing off from the Bulls bench. His role as the bench bucket-getter seems to be his sweet spot for right now. Four games in a row, he's scored in double-digits, with a few three's each night. He'll also sneak in games where he rebounds well too.

  • Isaiah Thomas, PG (45%). If you need point guard help because you have a few guys banged up, Thomas makes our third PG on this list so far. He's been a bright spot for the Wizards, scoring well, and racking up some nice assist games. While he's not going to get you many rebounds, steals, or blocks, he has the ability to hit a few three's each night too.

  • Nerlens Noel, PF/C (41%). Steven Adams hasn't seemed like himself this season and Noel appears to be taking advantage of the additional minutes. There have been trade rumors swirling around Adams for awhile now, and at any point in the season Noel could have an ever bigger role. He's going to help your team with rebounds, steals, and blocks.

  • De'Andre Hunter, SF (36%). Hunter looks to have found where he fits in on the Hawks. The rookie has put up some impressive weeks recently, He's averaging 20.5 points, 4 rebounds, and 3.3 assists over his last four games, and has added in three 3's a night. He's been a must play recently and would be one of the first guys I'd add if I had a spot open.

  • Nicolas Batum, SG/SF (35%). Here me out on this one, Batum is surprisingly averaging more rebounds than points right now. He's also averaging more assists than points too. Outside of his scoring, his number across the board have been nice. Maybe you don't add him now, but keep an eye on him. If his scoring increases and his other numbers stay consistent, he'll be worth adding to your team.

  • Jae Crowder, SF/PF (34%). In his past three games this week, Crowder has put up a respectable 14.7 points, 7.3 rebounds, 3.3 assists, and 3.3 three's made average per game. He's the glue guy for the Grizzlies, and could be the same for your fantasy team.

  • Any Indiana Pacer with the last name Holiday. Yeah, you read that right. Both Aaron Holiday, PG (16%) and Justin Holiday, SG/SF (4%) have been playing quite well lately. Both are deep dives, but there's a good chance both are available right now in your league. Aaron Holiday just dropped a 24 point, 6 rebound, 13 assist game. Justin has scored well and contributed in multiple categories.

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