• Cameron Wright

What Happens Next for James Wiseman?


James Wiseman is one of NCAA basketball’s most exciting young players, and unfortunately, biggest storylines of the season. The number one recruit out of high-school was found ineligible by the NCAA in November, after it was reported Memphis coach Penny Hardaway provided $11,500 to Wiseman’s family.

Hardaway was serving as a booster for Memphis at the time. Wiseman reportedly had no knowledge about the payment. Hardaway had been his high school and AAU coach, which prompted a close relationship to the family.

Wiseman will likely be one of the top picks in the 2020 draft along with the likes of LaMelo Ball and Deni Avdij. But with the recent ruling on Wiseman, is his draft stock in jeopardy?

This loaded question still has several unknown variables. Wiseman is an extremely gifted athlete who has a unique skill set for a player his size. However his current situation clouds his on-the-court potential. Zion Williamson, for example, is now talked about as an injury liability as often as he is a rising star in the pros.

If Wiseman is not reinstated and allowed to play, NBA team’s will have a limited scouting report to pull from. We’ve seen other college stars land in the Association with limited time in the NCAAs, but his position in the draft would lie on the willingness for a team to take a chance on him.

As of right now, it’s too early to make any educated guesses about Wiseman’s future in the league. It will depend on the NCAA’s decision as well as how other top prospects perform this year.

Of course this all happens almost exactly ten years from when Memphis had to vacate their wins after the Derrick Rose investigation.

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