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Justice League Pass: Klay Thompson and Green Arrow

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As we’ve been doing with our Marvelous Ballers Universe series, comparing NBA players and Marvel Comics superheroes, it’s time to start a DC Comics one. The NBA has players who show us some of the best athleticism we’ll ever see. Some might even say they’re basketball superheroes.

With the season fast approaching and a lot of the teams looking much different, we’ll be seeing the likes of LeBron James and Anthony Davis playing together, Russell Westbrook and James Harden reunited, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George playing together, and so on. It’s a different looking NBA and there’s an excitement in the air that we haven’t seen for quite some time. For the first time in a long time, there isn’t a team already dubbed the favorite to win it all.

Which DC comics characters would you compare to NBA players? Let's take a look at Golden State Warriors Shooting Guard Klay Thompson and Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow.

One of the most obvious comparisons we can make is that they’re both incredibly precise with their shots. Klay Thompson is a sharp shooter. He and his Splash Brother, Steph Curry, light up opponents every night.

Oliver Queen’s impeccable archery skills give him the upper hand against opponents. He’s got an arsenal of different arrows along with great fighting skills he learned. He can take down most anyone he fights.

Klay Thompson has the ability to shoot from anyone on the court. Once you get the ball in his hands, whether he’s open or defended well, he’ll take the shot and make it look effortless. He once scored 37 points in one quarter. In October of 2018, he made a record breaking 14 3-pointers and he had 52 points that game as well.

The different styles of arrows that Oliver Queen has are grappling hook arrows, explosive, laced with gas, and more. If we look at the current Green Arrow live version from the CW, played by Stephen Amell, we see him as this loyal man who will do anything to help keep his family, friends and the city safe.

Klay Thompson is the same, but in basketball terms. He will do anything and everything to help the Warriors win. Whether it’s shooting those beautiful 3-pointers to perfection, shooting basically all his shots to perfection, defending, stealing, rebounding, or blocking, you can count on him to help your team win.

Green Arrow and Klay Thompson are precisely the people you need on your team. Get it? Precisely. Because of their precise skills.

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