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The Top 50 NBA Players Entering the 2019-20 Season: 30-26

30. Nikola Vucevic

Season Stats 2018-2019: 20.8 PPG 12 RPG 3.8 APG 1.0 STLS 1.1 BLK

PER: 25.5 TS%: 57.3% WS: 10.1 - 51/36/78

He’s an All-Star, he rebounds at a high rate, he can score in a variety of ways and is no slouch defensively. Surrounded by a young team only getting better and entering the prime of his own career, Vucevic is in position to continue to thrive in Orlando. Vucevic will never be the flashiest name at the center position but he’s one you have to prepare for. Expect Vucevic to continue to be a key component for the Magic this year holding down the paint.

29. De'Aaron Fox

2018-2019 Season Stats: 17.3 PPG 3.8 RPG 7.3 APG 1.6 STLS

PER: 18.1 TS%: 54.4% WS: 5.6 - 46/37/73

De’Aaron Fox shone at Team USA camp before leaving to focus on preparation for the regular season. His remarkable jump in 2018-19 saw him go from ‘point guard with flashes of potential’ to ‘budding franchise star’. His speed is unparalleled but he’s combined that with a shooting prowess and game awareness to match. 2019-20 is going to be a massive season for Fox and the Kings.

28. Tobias Harris

Season Stats 2018-2019: 20 PPG 7.9 RPG 2.8 APG

PER: 17.2 TS%: 59.2% WS: 7.1 - 48/39/86

Since leaving Orlando Tobias Harris has seemingly improved year after year and has become a stud. A player who can play small forward but in the age of small ball/position-less basketball can play power forward as well. Tobias Harris has put on display that he is an efficient scorer who can create his own offense. With JJ Redick & Jimmy Butler both gone in Philadelphia the touches will be there for Harris. As the roster is currently configured, Tobias Harris is the best 3-pointer shooter on the team, they’ll need him to be a volume efficient shooter.

27. Jamal Murray

2018-2019 Season Stats: 18.2 PPG 4.2 RPG 4.8 APG 0.9 STLS

PER: 16 TS%: 53.8% WS: 5.1 - 44/37/85

The Denver Nuggets feel as if Murray is becoming a cornerstone in their championship aspirations and they rewarded him with a handsome contract in return. Some questioned whether the deal was deserving but Murray has shown flashes of star talent and had a solid postseason run alongside his superstar big man. To warrant the faith Denver showed in him, Murray will need to elevate himself as an efficient scorer and passer to establish himself as a bonafide number two option next to Jokic.

26. Donovan Mitchell

Season Stats 2018-2019: 23.8 PPG 4.1 RPG 4.2 APG 1.4 STLS

PER: 17.2 TS%: 53.7% WS: 5 - 43/36/80

Donovan Mitchell has continued to show he’s the man in the making in Utah. A good defender who on the other end can score in bunches. Many of us have heard the growing chatter that Donovan Mitchell is the next Dwyane Wade, I hesitate to make such claims at this point but Mitchell is growing. A guy who has shown he can score in many ways and has the ability to carry a team offensively. Mitchell can attack the rim just as good as any guard and is a volume shooter. With the added weapons the Utah Jazz brought in this year the spacing and attention needed towards his new teammates, should open up the floor in ways Mitchell has not yet seen in his young NBA career.

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