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  • Marc Cantave

Isaiah Thomas Can Shoot for the Stars With the Wizards

The last time we saw Isaiah Thomas play a meaningful game was in the 2017 NBA Playoffs for the Boston Celtics. Since then, he’s played in 44 out of a possible 164 games for three different teams, with the Washington Wizards representing his fourth franchise pit-stop in the past two years. Needless to say, that is quite the fall from grace for the two time All-Star.

With Thomas aging and becoming more injury prone, it would be foolish to think that he can be productive at an all-time level this upcoming season; he's battling an injury at this very moment, according to Wizards beat writer Fred Katz. Nonetheless, I believe there is a place for him on this team, and that we will see a better version of Thomas than we have recently; here are three reasons why.

John Wall is injured.

On December 29th 2018, Wizards’ star point guard John Wall was ruled out for the season after sustaining an injury. Within the next few months, his Achilles would subsequently rupture in an accident at his home, and he would be ruled out of action for even longer. The Wizards are without a quality starting point guard for the foreseeable future, which gives Isaiah Thomas an opportunity to compete for a starting role.

With Wall out, there is no point guard on the roster that is definitively better than Isaiah Thomas. IT will still have to earn that spot, as he will be coming back from an injury as well, but there is no doubt that he can earn some meaningful minutes in Washington as he hopes to prove to the world that he can still ball.

Isaiah Thomas won’t be the focal point.

The best thing for a player that is coming off an injury and trying to get back into rhythm is knowing that you don’t have to do everything for your team. Bradley Beal is the presently undisputed star of the team, and he naturally owns the majority of the offensive load. Thomas can use this dynamic to his advantage, easing his way back into the lineup and transitioning into a starting role at a healthy pace. With athletic players like Ian Mahinmi and veterans like C.J. Miles dotting the roster, Thomas will be able to establish rapport in the locker room, while adjusting to his expanded role.

Thomas has a lot to prove.

Isaiah Thomas has a lot to prove this season. He is one of the more hardworking and passionate players in the league. Naturally, IT believes that he and Beal can do big things this season. One thing we can never question about Isaiah Thomas is his heart and competitive drive; we know that if his body is willing, he will lay it out on the line every game. IT may not be the player he was a few years ago, but you can bet that he still has a lot left in his tank. He should be ready to play by mid-November and will hopefully earn his spot as the starting point guard. He is ready for the new challenge and should be a joy to watch this season.

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