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The Top 50 NBA Players Entering the 2019-20 Season: 35-31

35. Kyle Lowry

2018-2019 Season Stats: 14.2 PPG 4.8 RPG 8.7 APG 1.4 STLS

PER: 16.5 TS%: 56.2% WS: 6.6 - 41/35/83

Lowry had the best postseason of his career and cemented himself as maybe the greatest Raptor of all-time. He may be hitting the twilight years of his career but his skills should age well. He’s incredibly intelligent, a great defender and charge drawer, an above average shooter and a solid playmaker. Lowry will be forced to step up in the absence of Kawhi. Don’t bet against him continuing his great form from the playoffs.

34. Aaron Gordon

2018-2019 Season Stats: 16 PPG 7.4 RPG 3.7 APG

PER: 15.1 TS%: 53.8% WS: 5.1 - 45/35/73

Aaron Gordon has been vastly underrated to this point in time. We know him as the high flying dunker, his offensive game has progressed beyond that. A guy who has increased his three-point percentage and has become one of the better ball handlers for the Magic. Where he makes his biggest impact is on the defensive end of the court. He will likely land an All-Star appearance this year playing in the "weaker Eastern Conference". He also has the possibility to earn an All-Defensive Team selection, the Magic are a young promising bunch and Gordon is a key piece.

33. Chris Paul

2018-2019 Season Stats: 15.6 PPG 4.6 RPG 8.2 APG 2 STLS

PER: 19.7 TS%: 56% WS: 6.6 - 42/36/86

It seems crazy to think that Chris Paul is undervalued in today’s NBA. As one of the game’s truly historic point guards, a portion of the criticism he has gotten has been unwarranted. He’s still an amazing floor general and a great defender with unrivaled competitive desire. Look for him to silence some of his naysayers as he begins the season with OKC.

32. LaMarcus Aldridge

2018-2019 Season Stats: 21.3 PPG 9.2 RPG 2.4 APG 1.3 BLK

PER: 22.9 TS%: 57.6% WS: 9.3 - 52/24/85

Mr. reliable. Mr. dependable. Both I associate with, LaMarcus Aldridge. Coach Popovich has utilized Aldridge to his utmost potential in the era of small ball, it has helped Aldridge tremendously. At this stage of his career Aldridge would get burned playing against power forwards for long stretches who were quick. With him being a full-time center now for the Spurs it has helped extend his career. He’s coming off a career high in both FG% & TS% last season. The Popovich system in San Antonio Aldridge thrives in. Not to mention this past offseason they brought in more talent around him. This is a season where Aldridge will remain along the same lines of production with perhaps better efficiency.

31. Myles Turner

2018-2019 Season Stats: 13.3 PPG 7.2 RPG 1.6 APG 2.7 BLK

PER: 18 TS%: 56.7% WS: 6.3 - 49/39/74

Turner has developed into one of the NBA’s premier defensive big men. He possesses instincts and acumen on that end of the floor that very few do in the league. His shooting and mechanics from the perimeter are also top notch. He needs to improve as a rebounder and offensive player over but with youth on his side, expect him to take another leap in his age 23 season.

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