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The Top 50 NBA Players Entering the 2019-2020 Season: 36-40

40. Lou Williams

2018-2019 Season Stats: 20 PPG 3.0 RPG 5.4 APG

PER: 21.2 TS%: 55.4% WS: 5.1 - 42/36/87

Sixth Man of the Year aka a walking bucket. Lou Williams is currently in the prime years of his career and now once again playing on a title contending roster. That’s really all I should have to say on this one, a man who can score at will, underrated playmaker. After being the number one option for the Clippers last year he’ll likely be the third option with Kawhi Leonard and Paul Goerge coming in. Leonard and George both will likely see time missed due to load management which will make Lou Williams even more important. We respect the hell out of the offensive game of Lou Williams who now surrounded by more talent could be even better.

39. Luka Doncic

2018-2019 Season Stats: 21.2 PPG 7.8 RPG 6 APG

PER: 19.6 TS%: 54.5% WS: 4.9 - 43/33/71

Luka Doncic produced a rookie season for the ages. We easily could’ve had him in the early 30s but figured it best to reserve judgement until he backs it up and see how he fits alongside the man at number 50. The sky's the limit for the baby faced sensation as he continues to develop as a player physically and mentally. Don’t be surprised if we see him crack the top-10 of this list sooner rather than later.

38. DeMar DeRozan

2018-2019 Season Stats: 21.2 PPG 6 RPG 6.2 APG 1.1 STLS

PER: 19.6 TS%: 54.2% WS: 6.3 - 48/15/83

DeMar DeRozan, yes the playoffs and DeRozan have a poor history but make no mistake DeRozan is a stud. A guy who can give you 25-30 points a night with a handful of rebounds and assists. He had one of his best all-around years playing in San Antonio last season, which is of no surprise to me. DeRozan playing under coach Popovich was bound to have positive ramifications to his overall game. The San Antonio Spurs added some solid floor spacing this offseason which should help in allowing DeRozan to penetrate the defense more freely and or dish out to an open shooter. DeRozan is still an elite level guard in today’s NBA, if he’s able to add three point shooting to his arsenal he’ll rise on this list.

37. D'Angelo Russell

2018-2019 Season Stats: 21.1 PPG 3.9 RPG 7 APG

PER: 19.4 TS%: 53.3 % WS: 5 - 43/37/78

Russell produced a sensational 2018-19 campaign, leading the Brooklyn Nets to an unexpected sixth seed. His dominant scoring from the perimeter, mid and floater range earned him a well deserved hefty contract extension. It’ll be intriguing to see how he fits alongside Stephen Curry in Golden State, but with two tremendous scorers and passers you’d think Steve Kerr has the smarts to make it work.

36. Mike Conley

2018-2019 Season Stats: 21.6 PPG 3.4 RPG 6.4 APG 1.3 STLS

PER: 21.4 TS%: 56.9% WS: 8 - 44/36/84

Experienced, proven, a point guard who can run an offense while scoring in a variety of ways. Not to mention one of the better defensive point guards. Conley is finally healthy and on a title contending roster surrounded by good defenders & offensive weapons. It’s the perfect combination of things that have set up this season to be one in which Mike Conley reminds the league why he’s paid the big time money that he is. Expect the best of Mike Conley to come!

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