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The Top 50 NBA Players Entering the 2019-20 Season: 41-45

Kory Waldron and Jac Manuell hit you with the top 50 NBA players for this upcoming season.

45. Josh Richardson

2018-2019 Season Stats: 16.6 PPG 3.6 RPG 4.1 APG 1.1 STLS

PER: 14 TS%: 53.6% WS: 5.6 - 41/36/86

Josh Richardson proved he could be ‘the guy’ on a playoff team in the Miami Heat. His two-way ability is up there with some of the best guards in the league. He had a career year in 2018-19 and with a reduced role in Philly expect his efficiency to only improve. His scoring output may not be there but the decreased burden on offense should lead to an improved season across many facets. It’s worrying that he’ll be the Sixers focal threat on the perimeter but he has shown some decent acumen from the area to warrant it.

44. Danilo Gallinari

2018-2019 Season Stats: 19.8 PPG 6.1 RPG 2.6 APG

PER: 21 TS%: 63.3% WS: 8.2 - 46/43/90

Danilo Gallinari has been a very good player for years in the NBA but his biggest issue was his lack of durability. Last year we saw Gallo not only in the best shape of his career but he remained relatively healthy playing in 68 games. The Clippers as a whole surprised many and Gallinari was one of the leaders in that. All of which led to Gallinari being an honorable mention in regards to the All-NBA Teams. Now a part of the Oklahoma City Thunder and alongside veteran point guard Chris Paul, it's once again a prime situation for Gallo. Gallinari will be tasked to be likely the primary scoring option for the Thunder, if he duplicates last seasons efficiency with his expected scoring load increase he could sneak a few spots higher.

43. Trae Young

2018-2019 Season Stats: 19.1 PPG 3.7 RPG 8.1 APG 0.9 STLS

PER: 17 TS%: 53.9% WS: 3.3 - 42/32/83

In the latter points of 2018-19 Trae Young flashed superstar potential. His ridiculous range was matched (and often exceeded) by his elite passing ability. It’s rare for a guard of his age to make his teammates around him so much better. Yes, his defensive shortcomings are a concern. The work he’s put into his body in the offseason should hopefully help him take a minor jump in that area. He’s always going to be subpar defensively but his phenomenal offensive talent and maturing body should help offset that.

42. Jayson Tatum

2018-2019 Season Stats: 15.7 PPG 6 RPG 2.1 APG

PER: 15.1 TS%: 54.7% WS: 5 - 45/37/85

We can all make the jokes that Kobe Bryant sabotaged Jayson Tatum last season in hopes of the Celtics falling apart, I say relax to that. Jayson Tatum no doubt took a slight step backwards in his sophomore season following a breakout rookie year. Was that because of Kyrie Irving? Gordon Hayward? Training with Kobe Bryant? Maybe, or maybe it was a combination of all of those things. Regardless there is still a heap of potential in the 21-year old. Now with Team USA experience, a changed mindset on trying to be a better all around player & a bigger role in Boston’s offense. It’s the perfect situation for Tatum to take a jump this season, he should be All-Star game bound.

41. Devin Booker

2018-2019 Season Stats: 26.6 PPG 41 RPG 6.8 APG 0.9 STLS

PER: 20.2 TS%: 58.4% WS: 3.5 - 47/33/87

Devin Booker is the league’s most polarising player. He has dazzling offensive skills but is yet to lead his team to any modicum of success. That’s not all on him. The Phoenix Suns organisationally are the closest thing to a trash fire in the last half decade or so. Does Booker put up empty stats? You can make an argument either way, but you can’t argue that the budding guard possesses talent and offensive skills in spades.


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