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2017 NBA Re-Draft: Part 2


Pick 15: Sacramento Kings - Thomas Bryant (Original pick: Justin Jackson)

If you aren’t well-versed in Thomas Bryant’s game, I get it. No one watched the Wizards last year. Bryant did his thing, however. The near 7-footer was the only player in the NBA to average 61 percent from the floor, 33 percent from deep while taking at least 1.4 three-point attempts per game. If his game develops more, Bryant could turn into an analytic dream. Washington knows this and inked him to a $25 million deal.

Pick 14: Miami Heat - Josh Hart (Original pick: Bam Adebayo)

I’m not sold on Hart yet but he is worth a lottery selection. Despite only slightly upping the amount of triples he took per game, his 3-point percentage dropped 6 percentage points from his rookie to sophomore season. Still, Hart can develop into a consistent 3 & D player who hits from beyond the arc at a decent clip. Those players are critical to roster construction in the current game.

Pick 13: Utah Jazz - Monte Morris (Original pick: Donovan Mitchell)

I considered a handful of names here, including Josh Hart. Morris is much more of the sure thing, however. Next season Morris could challenge as the best backup point guard in the League. He does everything you want at the position, from playing tough defense to keeping the ball safe and draining open threes. I’ll take the surety of his skill set any day of the week.

Pick 12: Detroit Pistons - Luke Kennard (Original pick: Luke Kennard)

This pick stays the same. Kennard was not overly impressive during his rookie campaign but he made strides during his sophomore year. Specifically, Kennard showcased his well-known perimeter shooting ability. His volume of triples made a significant leap while his 3-point percentage remained high at 39.4 percent. Detroit has a serious sniper on their hands.

Pick 11: Charlotte Hornets - Jarrett Allen (Original pick: Malik Monk)

Allen is another center who should be taken in the top 10 as well. The big man transitioned well during his first season as a full time starter. His rim protection skills project to get even better over time but Allen’s willingness to take 3-pointers (although he can’t make them yet) is also an encouraging sign of progress.

Pick 10: Portland Trail Blazers - Bam Adebayo (Original pick: Zach Collins)

Adebayo has flown under the radar as a talented passing big man. Combined with his ability to finish efficiently and gobble up boards, Bam deserves the starting nod for the Heat next year. The springy center is proving that floor-stretching bigs are not a necessity in today’s game and should be taken in the top 10 of any redraft.

Pick 9: Dallas Mavericks - Jonathan Isaac (Original pick: Dennis Smith Jr.)

If we were conducting this redraft next year, Isaac would likely be off the board by now. The hybrid forward took a nice step forward with the Magic and projects as a breakout candidate. Although Orlando’s frontcourt is stacked, their coaching staff should find a way to get Isaac more than the 26 minutes per game he averaged last year. If that’s the case then expect him to be one of those rare players who gets at least two blocks and one steal per game.

Pick 8: New York Knicks - Derrick White (Original pick: Frank Ntilikina)

Derrick White’s journey from Division II player to top 10 pick in a redraft is nothing short of remarkable. How could a top defensive guard with a burgeoning offensive game not be drafted this high? White flashed a glimpse of his ceiling during last year’s postseason against Denver. In the first three games of that series he dropped 23 points per game while sinking 69 percent of his shots!

Pick 7: Chicago Bulls - John Collins (Original pick: Lauri Markkanen)

With Markkanen off the board, John Collins is the easy pick for the Bulls. An efficient shooter and above average defender, Collins exploded on the scene for the Hawks in 2018 averaging 19.5 PPG and 9.8 TRB in 61 games. A duo of LaVine and Collins would be a fun one to watch for the next several years.

Pick 6: Orlando Magic - Kyle Kuzma (Original pick: Jonathan Issac)

Kuzma was easily the steal of the draft, but the Lakers won’t be so lucky this time around. Kuzma has shown off elite offensive talent in L.A., putting up 17.3 PPG on an efficient 45% shooting in his first two years. Issac has shown potential in Orlando, but Kuzma would be a great piece to have next to Vucevic.

Pick 5: Sacramento Kings - Lauri Markkanen (Original pick: De’Aaron Fox)

Markkanen has proved himself to be one of the most promising young big men in the NBA. The ability to hit from long range mixed with his 6’11 wingspan makes him one of the toughest players to defend. Averaging 18.7 PPG with 9.0 TRB, Markkanen would be a great fit next to Buddy Hield in Sacramento.

Pick 4: Phoenix Suns - Lonzo Ball (Original pick: Josh Jackson)

Although Ball has had struggles shooting the ball and staying healthy in the NBA, he’s shown plenty of positive signs. For the Suns, Ball is an ideal fit next to the franchise star Devin Booker, and fits their youthful timeline. Josh Jackson has been less than ideal for Phoenix, and the Suns would be glad to re do this pick.

Pick 3: Boston Celtics - Jayson Tatum (Original pick: Jayson Tatum)

The Celtics hit on this pick, and if they were to go back in time, they would easily make the same decision. Tatum has been a large part of the Celtic’s last two playoff runs, including a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals his rookie year.

Pick 2: Los Angeles Lakers - De’Aaron Fox (Original pick: Lonzo Ball)

Fox had a slow start to his NBA career, but quickly established himself as the best point guard available in the 2017 Draft. Fox averaged 17.3 PPG and 7.3 AST to go along with 1.6 STL for the Kings in their best season since 2008. As for the Lonzo Ball, health has been his biggest concern in his young career, but it is too early to say the original pick was a miss.

Pick 1: Philadelphia 76ers - Donovan Mitchell (Original pick: Markell Fultz)

Mitchell has quickly become one of the best players in the NBA over the past couple seasons. In his first two seasons with Utah, Mitchell has averaged 22.1 PPG on 43% shooting, and has lead the Jazz to two playoff appearances. If the 76ers could go back, the lineup of Ben Simmons, Donovan Mitchell and Joel Embiid would be dominating the NBA for years.

Picks 30-16

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