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  • Khaleel Abdullah

Hot Take Marathon: Terry Rozier Was the Worst Signing of the Summer

Did you blink this off season? If you did, chances are you probably missed something as it was a pretty busy summer across the NBA. The Charlotte Hornets were placed in a tough spot, albeit by their own hand, and lost their franchise face in Kemba Walker.

With a big hole where their only real strong spot used to be, they were stuck needing to find another point guard to guide their offense and they attempted to do that by acquiring Terry Rozier.

The problem with that is they paid him way too much and he’s very unproven. This was a very risky move and I feel it was a very bad move. His contract, at $56.7 million over the next three seasons, will go down as the worst signing this summer. I mean, $19.9 million for this coming season? Wow!

Let’s take a look at his young career (272 regular season games) so far.

Shooting the ball is something he really needs to improve upon. Terry’s field goal percentage leaves a lot to be desired, sitting at 38 percent. His highest shooting percentage for an entire season was 39.5 percent. He hasn’t had a single season, in four tries, where he’s shot above 40 percent. Rozier’s three-point percentage is far from elite, sitting at 35.4% which is decent but not great and most of his shots came against second units.

His free throw rate is less than impressive as well, visiting the line on a mere 16 percent of his shot attempts. The most free throw attempts he had in one season was 149 over 80 games, good for 1.9 attempts per every 10 shots. Needless to say, he does not frequent the charity stripe.

He’s not an efficient scorer, averaging only 7.7 points per game on 7.3 field goal attempts over his career with his best season featuring 11.3 points on 10 field goal attempts. Last season he only made 34.5 percent of his jump shots on 565 attempts and only 47.1 percent of his layups.

For a guard that can’t shoot or score too well, he really needs to hone in on his playmaking and defense. However, he’s averaged only 2.3 assists so far with his best season capping at an average of 2.9 assists. He does limit his turnovers, averaging only 0.8 turnovers per game. So, he is a good ball handler and protects the rock but he is by no means a distributor.

He’s known to be decent on the defensive end but that’s been against team’s benches and he’s only averaged 0.7 steals so he’s not a thief.

When he’s got a solid opportunity, he’s fared well and that can be seen over a small sample size of 30 career starts. In those games, he made 39.6 percent of his treys and posted 14.4 points, 5.1 assists and 1.4 steals with 1.3 turnovers per game. However, in the other 242 games, he only shot 34.4 percent from deep and only averaged 6.8 points, 2 assists and 0.6 steals per match.

For anyone that wants to point out how he did in a sample size as small as 19 games in the 2017-18 playoffs, look at how he did in nine games in the 2018-19 playoffs. Also, his offensive rating this past season played out to the Boston Celtics being 9.4 points better with him off the court.

The Celtics will improve this season via addition by subtraction. The Hornets will regret this decision but I mean there is some positive. Terry Rozier gets paid!

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