• Marc Cantave

Evaluating the Philadelphia 76ers 2019 Offseason

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The Philadelphia 76ers have been very active so far this offseason and have changed their team a lot since the last time they took the court. They’ve acquired some new players and lost a few as well. With these new additions and the departure of Kawhi Leonard to the West, the Sixers are the favorites to come out of the Eastern Conference. Let’s take a further look at what has happened so far.

The 2019 NBA Draft

The Sixers started off their offseason with the NBA Draft. A plethora of trades were made and picks were shifted, but ultimately the Sixers ended up with Matisse Thybulle (SG from Washington Huskies) from the draft. Matisse was a 35 percent three point shooter in college and he will be a decent addition for Philly as they need more shooters.

The Sixers weren’t primed to make a huge splash in the draft, but got a player that can get some minutes at the wing and contribute immediately. It was free agency where the Sixers made their mark.

2019 NBA Free Agency

Free agency was even more hectic for the Sixers as a few core players left and some returned.



  • Lost Jimmy Butler to the Miami Heat

  • JJ Redick signed with the Pelicans

The Sixers have been very busy this offseason and the question is, have they really gotten better? Contrary to popular belief, they have. The Sixers definitely took a hit when they lost Redick and Butler. They were the two closers for the Sixers in the fourth. Losing Redick was a bigger blow as he was the primary shooter on a Sixers team that didn’t have enough shooters to begin with.

However, the additions of Richardson and Al Horford should make things a little better. The projected lineup for the Sixers is Ben Simmons, Josh Richardson, Tobias Harris, Al Horford, and Joel Embiid. With Richardson replacing Redick, the lineup should be a lot better defensively. With Butler gone, this gives Tobias Harris a better chance of developing in the offense and having more of an impact than he had last season.

The Sixers also added a veteran presence in Horford that can take the pressure away from Joel Embiid in the paint. He can stretch the floor with his shooting, can play defense, and most importantly, give Embiid time to rest on the bench.

Zhaire Smith will also be returning from an injury that sidelined him the majority of the season last year. The Sixers are very high on him and believe he can develop into a key role player. He has been great during the Las Vegas Summer League.

With shooters, like Kyle Korver, still on the market, the Sixers can find a replacement for Redick. Butler will be missed down the stretch of games, but with this new defensive squad, it’s going to be tougher to score than last year.

The Sixers have been busy in the offseason and it is far from over. As of right now, the Sixers look primed for a Finals run and that is more than what we can say for last year.

Offseason Grade

If it came down to a grade, I’d give the Sixers a B+. Not an A because of how valuable Jimmy Butler was, but still a great offseason. It’s going to be a joy to watch this season for Sixers fans.

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