• Nathan Sherman

Klay Thompson Re-Signs With Golden State

The Big Lead

What’s the deal?

Thompson agreed to a 5-year, $189,903,600 fully guaranteed deal to re-sign with the Warriors. His base salary starts at $32,742,000 next year and increases $2,619,360 every year of the deal according to Sportrac. Klay’s contract does not include a No Trade Clause or a player-option on the last year but does have a 15% trade kicker, exactly like the supermax Steph Curry signed in the summer of 2017.

What does Thompson bring to the Warriors?

Thompson’s value to the Warriors cannot be understated. He is the second most important offensive player on their team and arguably the most important defensive player (Draymond may have some beef with that comment). He is one of the greatest shooters the NBA has ever seen, and is not just one dimensional on offense. He can get buckets off the dribble and even down in the low-post with his patented silk fall-away jumper. Klay is the steady force on the Warriors roster, especially in the playoffs. Curry has shown to run hot and cold in June, but Klay is always ready to do whatever the Warriors need from him to get the win.

What does this move mean for the Warriors?

This was a move that everyone in the NBA community knew was coming, even when Thompson tore his ACL in Game 6 of the NBA Finals. He is one of the foundational pieces of their dynasty and was always going to remain a Warrior.

Contract Grade: A

Klay will be 34 by the time this contract runs out, and his skill set is one that looks to age well. Even if he loses some of his athleticism and quickness after returning from the ACL injury this contract will still be worth it. His shooting (most likely) won’t diminish and his defense is mostly predicated on his intelligence and size on the perimeter. I’d be shocked if the Warriors end up regretting this contract.

Final Thoughts:

All the outside noise about Klay possibly taking meeting with the Lakers and Clippers was ultimately just that, noise. He was always staying with the Warriors and I’ll be the first to admit, even with as weird and completely insane the NBA is, I honestly couldn’t even picture him in a different uniform. Klay has been one of the foundational pillars in one of the NBA’s most dominant five-year dynasties. Multiple Warriors teams have strong cases as the greatest team of all time, and Klay has been at the center of this championship culture from the beginning.

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