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Nikola Mirotic Heads to Spain

Stadium Astro

What’s the deal

2 Years, $7 million unrestricted signing with Real Madrid

What is Mirotic doing?

Nikola Mirotic must really miss Spain. After making his mark in the Euroleague as a springboard to his NBA career, he’s headed back with head held high, not tail between his legs. Mirotic was a bit position-less early on in his NBA career, but the downsizing of the league turned him into a prototype stretch-four. Al-Farouq Aminu got three years and $29 million -- Mirotic would have made 50% more at minimum, so he must REALLY miss Spain.

What does this move mean for Real Madrid?

Real Madrid is usually considered the premiere franchise outside of the NBA, and they must be delighted to get a legitimate NBA star to suit up next season. They’re instantly elevated to a Euroleague favorite, not that they weren’t one already with former NBAers Rudy Fernandez, Anthony Randolph, Jeffrey Taylor, Trey Thompkins, and Walter Taveres on the roster. I guess the ‘Galactico’ approach works for the basketball version of Real Madrid too.

Deal Grade

Any day of the week and twice on Sunday, Real makes this deal. Mirotic may have left almost $40 million on the table to go back to Spain, so from a team standpoint: A++++++++++.

Final Thoughts

I don’t know if Nikola Mirotic has even heard of the Players Tribune, so we might never know precisely why he made this move, but the NBA will be worse off for his departure. A basketball observer in the know would never say in this day and age that the 450 absolute best basketball players in the world hold down the active roster spots in the NBA - there are players who simply choose to ball and star elsewhere, rather than ride the end of an NBA bench. Mirotic is no such player. If he had chosen the right situation, he would be starting in the 2019-20 NBA playoffs; instead, he’ll probably be ignoring them while drinking Sangria on La Concha Beach.

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