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The Pacers Land Malcolm Brogdon

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What’s the deal?

4 Years, $85 million as part of a sign-and-trade from Milwaukee

What does Brogdon bring to the Pacers?

He’s a really great fit next to franchise centerpiece Victor Oladipo. He possesses the requisite shooting touch to star in the league -- only the eighth member of the vaunted 50-40-90 Club -- and can play on or off-ball; he’ll be able to spot up when Oladipo returns from injury to take the reins, but can run the team successfully until he does so, or whenever he’s off the court. If both are healthy, you’d be hard-pressed to find more than a handful of better backcourts in the league.

What does this move mean for the Pacers?

I pegged Indiana as the best destination for Brogdon in our free agency preview, and Indiana was wise to lock him up. After spending most of the season in the top half of the East, the Pacers were motivated to continue to try and be competitive on a league-wide scale with a bonafide star in Oladipo, a rising player in Myles Turner, and good surrounding pieces like Domantas Sabonis. The East got rugged real quick this off-season, but the Pacers put their money where their mouth is, and are determined not to get left behind.

Deal grade

I knew that Brogdon would get paid, but WOW did he get paid. You have to factor in a few things: 1. He was a restricted free agent, so that almost demands an ‘overpay,’ 2. Indiana isn’t a renowned free agent destination, and 3. They ultimately went a sign-and-trade route to ensure they’d get their man, so the 1st and two 2nd round picks factor in as well. Let’s call it a B-. I suspect that when we look back on all the money thrown around this off-season, that $21M a season for Brogdon will look pretty reasonable, but they did give up assets too.

Final thoughts

Indiana could have looked at the supersized line-up Philly is trotting out, an emerging force in Giannis’ Milwaukee, the overnight contender in Brooklyn, and the defending champs in Toronto and played it safe. Instead they went for it. Good for them. If both stay on the court, they’re the East’s answer to Lillard-McCollum, and we just watched Portland play in a conference final. Indiana has that upside now.

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