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The Celtics Grab Enes Kanter

What’s the deal?

The Boston Celtics just signed Enes Kanter to a two year, $10 million dollar deal. The storied franchise was in desperate need of a big-man after the Kemba Walker signing. Kanter steps into that role well. A solid offensive center with plenty to prove, he’ll fit right in with this Celtics team.

What does Kanter bring to the team?

After losing Horford to the 76ers, Boston was left with a deficiency at the center spot. Although not a good defender, Kanter showed spurts of good defense during the recent playoffs.

Kanter will not be able to replace Horford’s production. Combined with improving young players and a superstar in Kemba Walker, this team still has the potential to improve upon last season.

What does this move mean for Boston?

We’ll have to see what this squad looks like in terms of chemistry. If everything goes as planned, Boston will be right back in contention. They won’t be in the driver’s seat of the Eastern Conference, as was thought of them at the beginning of last season. Despite this, even with a loaded Eastern Conference, they still have an outside chance at contention.

Kanter is no superstar. He is however a great starting center, and if his skills on the defensive side continue to improve he helps this Boston team get back to where they were.

How would you grade this contract

Overall this contract gets an A-. While Kanter is certainly not the face of a franchise, he is worth more than five million dollars a year. Getting him at such a value is a big win for the Celtics.

Final thoughts

With just a few key moves in this free agency, Boston is poised to bounce back from a very disappointing season. If there young players take another leap, don’t be surprised if they knock off a higher seeded team in next years playoffs.

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