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Derrick Rose Starts New Chapter In Detroit

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What’s the deal? Derrick Rose and the Detroit Pistons have reached a contract agreement of two years, $15 million. The 30-year old point guard had a great showing last season with Minnesota and both sides hope this success continues next year. The Pistons are also looking to sign another point guard in addition to Rose, leaving Reggie Jackson’s future with the franchise in question.

What does Rose bring to the team?

Between Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond, the Pistons have one of the best frontcourts in the league. Their backcourt, however, has been noticeably lacking.

Rose is a good step forward in solving this problem. His much-improved three-point shooting and crafty driving skills make him the most versatile guard on Detroit’s roster.

Many of the team’s struggles last year were due to a reported immaturity from multiple players on the roster. Rose brings with him playoff experience and veteran leadership that could alleviate many of those concerns.

What does this move mean for Detroit?

A middle of the pack team, Detroit has slowly been crawling their way back to relevance these last couple years. The signing of Rose gets them one step closer to their goals. Although Reggie Jackson has shown he can be a solid player, he (and really the whole Piston’s backcourt) has been a disappointment.

Rose’s signing could mean Jackson gets moved, hopefully for a nice swing player to help round out the starting five.

Blake Griffin put up some great numbers last season, showing he still has plenty left in the tank to lead a team in the playoffs. If the Pistons continue to make good moves like this one, they may actually make it out of the first round sooner than later.

How would you grade this contract?

While the potential upside is great, there are many obvious concerns with signing the former MVP. Rose only played 51 games last season. And although he showed he can ball out, the Detroit is hoping to make a playoff run. They need him healthy and ready come April.

Despite this, they are only paying him $15 million throughout two years, making this a low-risk, high-reward scenario. Overall, this signing is a B. At worst, the Pistons are where they were last season.

Final thoughts

The power in the NBA has shifted. The East is quickly overtaking the West with several franchises ready to make their run at the title. Although easily overlooked, don’t count out the Pistons as a dark horse playoff team next season.

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