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D’Angelo Russell Heads to the Warriors

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What’s the deal? D’Angelo Russell is headed to the Golden State Warriors via sign-and-trade with the Brooklyn Nets. The deal was first reported by Shams Charania, while the rest of the details were disclosed by Adrian Wojnarowski. Russell's contract is for four years and 117 million dollars. The Nets will be receiving a future first-round draft pick while also sending the Warriors two additional players in Shabazz Napier and Treveon Graham; the Warriors will send (reluctantly) Kevin Durant over to Brooklyn.

What does Russell bring to the team?

It is being rumored that the Warriors may not hold onto Russell. But if they do, he will have a huge impact on their team. With Klay Thompson expected to miss most of this next season with an injury, the Warriors needed another scoring option and that is exactly what Russell is.

Russell can help take the scoring load off Stephen Curry as he averaged over 20 points per game last season. He can also be a primary ball-handler and lead the second unit while Steph is off the floor. He also allows Curry to play off the ball more and Russell can always get a shot for himself when the offense turns stagnant.

The Warriors are a team that loves to shoot the three, and Russell can do that as well. He shot a career-high 36.9% from deep last season. It will take a while, but Russell should be able to gel in Golden State.

What this move means for the Warriors?

Assuming they keep him, this move does wonders for Golden State. It keeps them relevant and in the championship hunt, but more importantly, it buys time for Klay Thompson to get back on track from injury. Russell will be able to assist them stay afloat in the Western Conference standings. And when Klay comes back, he can help guide the Warriors to another possibly lengthy playoff run.

The deal seemed shocking at first, but once the dust settles, people will realize that the trio of Steph, Klay, and D’Angelo can do some damage.

How would you grade this contract?

This contract is an A, mainly because the Warriors were set to lose Durant for nothing anyway. And with them being financially strapped, this was the best player they could get in return. Taking Russell gives them flexibility in the future if they do decide to trade him, as he is a young and talented player.

Final Thoughts

The Warriors are not going away. This move gives them a chance to continue competing and being a contender. Under the circumstances, it was a great move for the team.

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