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Top Free Agent Targets: Utah Jazz

Utah Jazz Mafia

Max Cap Space: $18.94 Million

Projected Cap Space: -$36.72 Million

Tobias Harris

The Utah Jazz would need to free up a lot of cap space after the Conley signing in order to get Harris. That being said, Harris would be a great addition to the team, most likely putting them over the top in a possible title run.

Derrick Favors is a great player but hasn’t quite fit in to the Jazz’s lineup. Upgrading from him to a versatile scoring forward would really help round out the Jazz offense. Although, in order to do so the team will need to get off a few more contracts.

Bobby Portis

Although not quite the offensive talent that Harris is, Portis might actually be a better fit. His defensive ability alongside Gobert would make the Jazz one of the deadliest frontcourts in the league.

His three-point touch would also make for a good fit on the starting lineup, helping stretch out the floor, giving Donovan Mitchell more driving space.

Thaddeus Young

Although likely to be re-signed by the Pacers this season, Young is an unrestricted free agent this season and will likely hear other offers. The 31-year-old power forward has been a key role player the last few years, averaging around 12 points per game.

His proficient scoring and defensive tenacity would make for a great fit on a Jazz team ready to take the next step towards a championship next season.

Paul Millsap

Although the Nuggets could pick up on his team option, Millsap’s skills have diminished a bit over the last year due to injury. If he does make it to the free agent market, his return to Utah could be a great move for both sides.

Millsaps veteran leadership and crafty play would pair well with Conley. Two experienced vets might be just what Utah needs to make it through the west this year.

Marcus Morris

A more realistic option, Morris had a great showing in Boston last year and will likely be sought after by multiple contending teams. His toughness and grit fits in with the likes of Ingles, Gobert and Conley.

Morris is yet another big that will be able to stretch the floor, which is what the Jazz are hoping to find at the four spot.

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