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Top Free Agent Targets: Dallas Mavericks

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Max Cap Space: $47.5 million

Projected Cap Space: $29.8 million

Kemba Walker

The Mavericks are on the lookout for a versatile point guard to play alongside Doncic this coming season. On the offensive end, few guards have more versatility than Kemba Walker.

With Docic and Kristaps Porzingis already on the team, Walker would give the Mavericks a deadly big three. Assuming good health for Porzingis (which may not be a safe assumption) this team would likely not just be able to make a deep playoff run, but also in the running for title contention.

Al Horford

With the seasoned vet deciding to leave Boston, there are few places that seem like a better fit than Dallas. Kristaps plays best with a center alongside him, and with Horford’s ability to both pound it in the paint and stretch out the floor, he’d be the perfect frontcourt mate.

Horford’s veteran leadership is something that this young Mavericks team could use, and will be sorely needed if they manage to make the deep playoff run that many expect them to.

Nikola Vucevic

Another five that would greatly help the Mavericks would be Vucevic. Not only would he offer the same offensive versatility as Horford, but Vucevic is much younger. He would likely still be in his prime at the end of a four-year contract, right around when Luka would hopefully be entering his own.

Financially Vucevic would be hard to sign. After nabbing him, Dallas would not have much cap room to work with. They would however have a nice big three that could potentially lead the team to a championship in the wide open Western Conference next year.

Patrick Beverly

A perfect fit alongside Doncic, Beverly would also add toughness and veteran leadership to this young team. Having an elite defender like Beverly at point guard would allow Dallas to hide Luka on defense.

A highly coveted point guard in this free agent class, signing Beverly to a contract would be a big win for the Mavs.

Nikola Mirotic

Another stretch big that could play alongside Porzingas, Mirotic is a cheaper option than some of the other bigs the Mavericks could go after. Despite this, Mirotic has shown an ability to play alongside elite bigs (Anthony Davis) and put up all-star numbers.

He wouldn’t be part of any big three, but Mirotic would be a solid starter for the Mavs that would help open up the games of Porzingis and Doncic.

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