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2019 NBA Free Agents: Al-Farouq Aminu

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Once again Aminu was a vital role player to the Portland Trail Blazers success this past season. He was a veteran presence as well as a solid small ball four, playing in 97 of the Blazers 98 games between the regular season and postseason layoff run.

Regular Season Per Game Stats:

9.4 points, 1.2 assists, rebounds 7.5, and .8 blocks on shooting splits of 43/34/87

Postseason Stats:

7.4 points, 1.3 assists, 6.3 rebounds on shooting splits of 35/29/75

Age: 29


Al Farouq Aminu is a versatile wing who can play a small ball four role which is crucial in today’s NBA. Aminu is a very good perimeter defender, due to his wingspan he can guard multiple positions. Aminu offensively has become a very capable three-point shooter, specifically catching and shooting. While Aminu is often playing against bigger forwards his wingspan and athletic ability keeps him as a solid rebounder.


Aminu is a little on the smaller size when it comes to the power forwards he’s matched up with, which can lead to issues rebounding especially on the defensive end. These size issues can also lead to Aminu being bullied in the post. Offensively, Aminu doesn’t have the ability to really shoot off the dribble nor is he a reliable threat to attack the rim.

Ideal Role:

Aminu can easily be the fourth or fifth starter for several playoff level teams. Best role likely a sixth or seventh man off the bench if you have a solidified starting lineup. Due to his versatility he can play at the small forward or power forward position. His defensive ability tied in with his three-point shooting make him an easy player to plug in.

Landing Spots:

Portland Trail Blazers: There’s a culture and identity that has been built in Portland. They play and lean heavily on their defense. Aminu is a crucial part of that defense while also being the exact type of offensive weapon you want to surround Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum with. There’s a good chance both sides work to get a deal done.

Utah Jazz: The Jazz have already shown this is an all in type season following the acquisition of Mike Conley. The next need for the Jazz is replacing the loss of Jae Crowder, Aminu could be cheap and would fit the small ball four void. Being a very good system defender and a capable shooter, the Jazz would become tougher.

Indiana Pacers: Pacers are having a lot of changes take place this summer as majority of their team is hitting the free agent market. Aminu could be a bench player they look to sign to come off the bench and play at either the three or four. Aminu being defensive minded would fit right in and he’d provide more three-point shooting which the Pacers desperately are looking to fill out the roster with.

Contract: Al Farouq Aminu will likely be looking for a longer deal in the range of 3-4 years. A rough postseason in 2019 may have dropped his money slightly, but even still he’ll be looking at around $7-10 million a year. Aminu last year made $6.9 million.


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