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2019 NBA Free Agents: Al Horford

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In his 12th year in the NBA, Horford and the Celtics found their way into the playoffs as a four seed. Averaging a career low in rebounds, yet a career high in 2P%, it was an up and down season for Horford. It was to everyone’s surprise that Horford declined his $30M option for the 2019-2020 season, as he is unlikely to find that type of money in free agency.

Regular Season Stats:

13.6 PPG 60.4 2P% 36% 3P% 82% FT% 4.2 AST 6.7 REB 1.5 TOV 0.9 STL 1.3 BLK

Postseason Stats:

13.9 PPG 42.4 2P% 40.9% 3P% 83.3% FT% 4.4 AST 9.0 REB 2.1 TOV 0.4 STL 0.8 BLK

Age: 33


Horford is an above average defender with a solid offensive game. He will never be a first option on a team, but he is a great complementary piece to a guy like Kyrie Irving or Jeff Teague, two players he’s had success with in the past. He’s a versatile center who can handle the ball and play anywhere on the court. His assist numbers are high for a center and throughout the last four seasons he’s developed a three point shot.


His rebounding numbers took a huge dip from averaging 9.5 TRB in his first seven seasons to 7.1 TRB in his last 5. He did miss 14 games this season, and his playoff numbers this year took a dip.

Ideal Role:

Like I said, Horford is not going to be a team’s primary scoring option, and at this point in his career it’s most likely best that he’s not the second option either. With that said, he’s a solid defender who can put up 15 points consistently. He’s a great floor spacer, which is very valuable in today’s NBA.

Possible landing spots:

Despite recent reports, Boston is still an option for the 33 year old. If not in Boston, he could join LeBron and Anthony Davis in L.A.. Another spot could be with his former coach Kenny Atkinson in Brooklyn. Dallas and Houston have also been mentioned as potential landing spots for the veteran center.

Next contract:

Horford is likely going to look for a three or four year deal with a player option. He can make anywhere between $15M to $25M per season.


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