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2019 NBA Free Agents: Tobias Harris

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Tobias Harris started the season on the Los Angeles Clippers, but was acquired by the Philadelphia 76ers on February 6, 2019. He played 82 games all season, including the last 27 with the Sixers before entering his second postseason.

Regular Season Stats: 20 PPG, 52.8 2P%, 39.7 3P%, 86.6 FT% (Career high), 2.8 AST, 7.9 REB, 1.8 TOV, .5 BLKS, .6 STL

Post-Season Stats: 15.5 PPG, 47.1 2P%, 34.9 3P%, 84.6 FT%, 4.0 AST, 9.1 REB, 1.6 TOV, .5 BLK, 1.1 STL

Age: 26 (27 in July)


Harris strengths focuses primarily on his shooting. Over the last few years, Harris has shot the three point at least 36 percent or better. He is great at hitting the corner three and is a good spot up shooter. He is also reliable at the free throw line, as he typically shoots in the mid-80s. He is also a consistent scorer as he is guaranteed to give you 14-16 points per game.


Tobias is a great shooter and scorer but struggles defensively at times. Although he has moments where he played well, there are times where he missed assignments and was a liability.

Ideal Role:

Tobias Harris is definitely a starter in today’s NBA, but he is not a first option. He can be a second option on teams like the Los Angeles Clippers, but his best role is as a glue guy or third option on a really good team. He can help carry the load offensively and lead the team in scoring on some nights. Harris is an all star level talent, not superstar, but he will get paid really well this summer.

Possible Landing Spots:

The Sixers are interested in bringing him back and will offer him a max contract even if Jimmy Butler re-signs. Whether or not he signs is up to him.

The Phoenix Suns are another team to keep your eye out for. Typically rebuilding teams over pay for a player like Harris, and he would be a great fit as he is still young enough to be a core player with Devin Booker.

Assuming the Brooklyn Nets strike out on a marquee free agent, Harris is a great pickup for a budding core group of players that are unselfish as he is. Harris, along with Caris Levert, Spencer Dinwiddie, and D’Angelo Russell, would make the Nets much see basketball.

Next Contract:

In today’s NBA, players can make over 20 million dollars by being average. Expect Harris to make a lot of money. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, “Harris is eligible to sign a five-year contract worth roughly $188 million” with the Sixers. You can expect Harris to be looking for the max, so any other team will most likely offer him something around four years 130-150 million dollars.


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