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  • Brendan Smart

The Potential Fall of the Golden State Could Create Balance in the NBA

USA Today

The Golden State Warriors have been - without a doubt- the best team in the NBA for the last two seasons. Arguably one of the best teams ever assembled in NBA history, but for the first time in nearly two seasons, a dynasty is on the fringe of falling apart.

We all hear the noise of Warriors forward Kevin Durant’s possible departure in free agency following this season. Of course, certain teams would love to be in this particular situation, but for the Warriors, both sides give no guarantees. If the Warriors decide to let Durant walk, and stay loyal to Thompson, that is a lot of trust, and a lot of money spent for an uncertain future.

A lot of people are hearing the same thing however, and that is Durant has already made his free agency plans that don’t include Golden State. It doesn’t help that Durant seems to be the main focus of a not so dynamic Warriors offense that is now tied with the Rockets at 2-2 in the Western Conference Semifinals. Arguably one of the biggest NBA shifts from one season to the other is upon us whether the Warriors three peat or not.

You can see it in the overall effort throughout this postseason. The Warriors, like the Boston Celtics - have without a doubt better talent then their competition, but are getting outplayed. To see that is alarming for several reasons, but both teams feature two stars that are set to be free agents in Durant, and Celtics guard Kyrie Irving.

For the Warriors, how they approach the next few games will be telling to how together this group really is. Returning home will be helpful for the Warriors, but nothing is better than chemistry, and right now it seems the Warriors are not clicking as one. Win or lose this offseason, it seems the Warriors dynasty is coming to an abrupt end.

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