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  • Karin Abcarians

Marvelous Ballers Universe: Steph Curry and Hawkeye

NBA players are like superheroes to kids and adults. Their incredible abilities marvel us just like the superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Avengers: Endgame in theaters now, we all have superheros on our minds. The NBA playoffs bring us moments that we never forget, which include players showing off their special talents.

Why not look at our Marvel heroes and see which NBA players seem to mirror them in various ways. Let’s take a look at Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry and Hawkeye.

Hawkeye is a hero who doesn’t have superhuman abilities, but he’s a master at his craft and leaves his mark, literally. He’s the hero who will use his expert marksmanship to defeat the enemy. He is always ready to battle even when he’s supposedly trying to retire. If the team needs him, he’ll be there.

Steph Curry is known is a flat out lethal assassin on court. Everybody fears him and wants to shoot like him. He can make a shot from anywhere (even half court), break the ankles of defenders, take it to the hoop from any angle on the court, dunk occasionally which often surprises us all, and flat out destroy the opposing team with anything needed to help his team win. The Golden State Warriors have gotten to this dominating level, with Curry’s improving during each season and turning into such a sharp shooter being one of the main reasons.

Much like Hawkeye, Steph Curry rarely misses. Once Curry gets cooking, the other team needs to quickly adjust and attempt the difficult feat of stopping him. Hawkeye, when he gets going, can pretty much change the course of fight.

One scene is particular from the first Avengers film, when Hawkeye shoots an arrow at Loki and Loki gets it, only for it to explode and he falls and Hulk catches him for a beat down is one of the best Hawkeye moments. It’s also further proof that he can get anything from any distance with perfect ease:

While Hawkeye is definitely more underrated and not as celebrated and talked about like Steph Curry is, they’re both essential to their teams and provide the skill sets needed to defeat the enemy. Without Steph Curry the Warriors wouldn’t be as lethal and without Hawkeye the Avengers wouldn’t be at their full strength.

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