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  • Karin Abcarians

Marvelous Ballers Universe: Blake Griffin and Iron Man

NBA players are like superheroes to kids and adults. Their incredible abilities marvel us just like the superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Avengers: Endgame hitting theaters soon, we all have superheros on our minds. The NBA Playoffs bring us moments that we will never forget, which include players showing off their special talents.

Why not look at our Marvel heroes and see which NBA players seem to mirror them in various ways. First off, we are going to look at Detroit Pistons star Blake Griffin and Tony Stark aka Iron Man.

We have continuously seen Tony Stark put himself in danger for the team. In the first Avengers film, he risked his life by taking the missile and flying it through the wormhole in New York toward the Chitauri fleet, destroying it. As soon as his suit starts losing power, he falls back to earth before Black Widow closes the wormhole. He put his life on the line to save the world.

While the Detroit Pistons did get swept by the Milwaukee Bucks, we cannot ignore the fact that Blake Griffin came back to play and put the team on his back trying to wheel them to some victories. He was determined to not let the Pistons get swept. Griffin was in obvious pain and had limited movement, yet he tried.

He was originally ruled out of the first round with his knee injury. In both games he played he scored 27 and 22 points respectively and managed to get 6 assists for both games as well. A great feat for someone in pain.

For this Pistons team, Blake Griffin’s will to win will be a huge benefit to them going into next season. For his teammates to see him put the team on his back, even in pain, and try to get wins, it’s special. It's similar to Tony Stark’s constant leading and life risking to better his team.

Tony Stark’s mess up in Avengers: Age of Ultron, made him grow up. In the next films he continued to show up in we saw him maturing into an adult who took responsibility for any bad situation he or the Avengers were involved in. In the beginning, Stark was this playboy, overly confident dude who knew he was the “it” guy.

In the beginning of Griffin’s NBA career we saw a confident player who was derailed at first with an injury, but came back strong. We can make the case that the Blake Griffin we are seeing in the Pistons is a more matured Blake Griffin. The one who knows he’s the big guy and any time his team needs him he will be there.

Sacrificing himself for his team of Avengers.

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