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Upset Alley: You’re 2018-19 NBA Playoff Upset Predictions

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The NBA Playoffs begin today, and with that come some crazy outcomes. For some people we can see the outcomes coming from a mile away, but in some cases it shocks the NBA landscape . For the first time in a long time, both the Western Conference and Eastern Conference are pretty balanced in terms of great matchups each night. With that being said, who will be ‘upset’ in the first round?

(6) Oklahoma City defeats the (3) Portland Trail Blazers in five games:

Why only five games?!

It sounds crazy to a lot of people because the Thunder haven’t been as consistent this season. One thing they have been consistent about this season though? Destroying the Trail Blazers. OKC went 4-0 against Portland in their four matchups in the regular season.

*Insert video of Russ talking to Dame*

Also Portland lost their big man in Jusuf Nurkic for the season due to a gruesome leg injury. However, even with Nurkic, I didn’t see the Trail Blazers getting past the Thunder.

(6) Brooklyn Nets defeat (3) Philadelphia 76ers in six games:

At this point, you probably think I am drunk, but hear me out…

It has already been announced that Sixers big man Joel Embiid will be out in Game 1 of today’s matchup in Philadelphia. That is huge for Brooklyn, who are absolutely hooping right now. Brooklyn reminds me of the 2011 (8) Memphis Grizzlies when they took down the (1) San Antonio Spurs. Not the most talented team, but a team that has a bond, and isn’t afraid to go to work. Not intimidated by moment, and a guy that is absolutely hooping. For Memphis in 2011 it was the emergence of Zach Randolph, for Brooklyn it is the emergence of D’Angelo Russell. Both left handed, and both counted out by the national media before their breakout seasons.

The two aren’t completely a like, but in their own unique way they are. Not to mention, the two cities supported their teams like crazy. It will be a fun series, with Brooklyn riding some of that ‘underdog’ momentum. If Embiid has to return early, and isn’t 100%, nothing changes with my prediction. Unhealthy Embiid only hurts the Sixers.

The 2018-19 NBA playoffs are going to be crazy from the tip this afternoon with Brooklyn and Philadelphia at 2:30 P.M. ET.

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