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NBA Draft Scouting Report: Jarrett Culver

Jarrett Culver

Texas Tech Athletics

Position: Wing

Year: Sophomore

School: Texas Tech

Measurables: 6’6”, 215 lbs

Lateral Quickness: 7.00

Moves well for his size. Has good foot speed, but can get feet can get tangled up on occasion

Speed and Athleticism: 7.00

Not blazingly quick overall, but quick enough. Nice first step. Solid vertical, takes long strides. Great body control

Dribbling Ability: 6.80

Has nice guard moves and tight handle, goes to crossover and stop-start often. Mostly goes right, less effective going left. Struggles dribbling in traffic, can lead to turnovers.

Passing Ability: 7.50

High Passing IQ. Good patience, can hit open man. Nice whip to passes, thrown with high velocity.

Free Throws: 6.80

Good slasher, .417FTr on 68.3 FT%

Long Range Shot Consistency (3s): 6.00

Shooting 34% from 3, 29.7% from NBA range. Inconsistent and slightly below average shooter. Not afraid to pull the trigger. There is a hitch in his jumper: he takes an extra moment to load his jumper when the ball is at his head. Work in progress, but the confidence is there and there is sign of improvement.

Mid-Range Shot Consistency: 6.00

Solid mid-range pull-up, often uses it when he gets a smaller defender matched up on him and rises up above him.

Decision Making: 6.50

A bit slow, but calculated, in his decision making. Can be a bit lazy with his passes. Most of his mistakes occur in a relatively short span of possessions, not over time. Would like to see him take smaller defenders to the rim on switches. Additionally, a tad too many tough threes. Occasionally develops tunnel vision attacking the basket, but sees the floor well when running the offense

Ability to Finish in the Lane: 6.20

Inconsistent here. Has some really nice, crafty finishes, and is shooting 64% at the rim. He can use his length to extend and finish, and even has a nice euro step. However, can also be out of control attacking the rim and struggles finishing against bigs. Might still be learning how to utilize his newfound size here

Effective Post Up: 5.00

Doesn't post up too much, may be something he can develop in the future. When he does post up, is a much better passer than shooter. He does a great job of passing to the open man when the double comes, but he prefers turnaround jumpers instead of backing his man down and attacking.

Play Off the Ball: 6.00

Intelligent, can be seen instructing players where to be. Does a good job setting flare screens. Never stands still, always looking for space. Can be really good here if jumper improves

Uses Screens Effectively: 6.80

Nice ball handler in the PnR. Gets downhill in a hurry, uses stop-start dribble to create space. Can make the pass too

Shot Form: 3.00

Very slow release, attributed to hitch. Shot slows at the head, needs time to load. Bothered by shot contests

Rebounding: 6.70

Nice rebounder, sports 5.6 OR% and 17.9 DR%. Does a decent job boxing out, but can lose positioning on occasion. Does a good job of immediately getting his head up and looking for the outlet pass.

Defensive Effectiveness: 7.00

Great contesting jumpers with his length, ranks in the 97th percentile defending jumpers according to Synergy. Bites on pump fakes a bit too easily though. Impressive intensity off-ball, stays engaged. Can be a bit out of position with aggressive help defense, but this is part of Texas Tech's defensive DNA. Can struggle against bigger, stronger players, needs to put on more weight at next level.

Steals/Disruptiveness: 7.30

Disruptive defender, with a 3.90 Stock%. Shows great anticipation and timing in jumping passing lanes. Does a great job making it tough for opponents to shoot over him, closes out hard and gets his hands up

Leadership Ability: 6.70

Not the most natural leader, but not afraid of the moment. Lets his play do the talking and doesn't have an ego.

Versatility: 8.50

Most versatile player in this year's class. Can switch 1-5, while also being able to do a plethora of different things offensively

Intangibles: 6.50

Great kid, grounded, hard worker, confident


Versatility, Passing, Athleticism


Strength, Outside Shooting

Overall Analysis:

Jarrett Culver is a well-rounded, versatile wing with real upside. He isn't necessarily elite in any particular area, but he does almost everything well enough. He's just had a huge growth spurt, and reports say that he may still have more room to grow. If he continues to grow, he may be able to even play as a small-ball 5. He possesses a rare skill: the ability to influence the game when his shooting touch may not be there. He truly has the potential to be a great wing player if he continues to develop and grow, which should put him as a top 5 prospect in the

2019 NBA Draft

Compares to:

Nicolas Batum/Evan Turner/Kyle Anderson

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