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OTG's Top 50 NBA Players: 20-11

20. Ben Simmons

2018-19 Stats: 17 PPG, 9.2 RPG, 7.9 APG, 56/0/60

The Ringer

Ben Simmons is on the fringe of superstar status. The thing stopping him is obvious, a jump shot. Giannis has transcended that with his ability to get to the line at will and amazing defensive acumen. Simmons has all those elements to his game but he lacks any sort of ability to shoot some semblance of a jumper. If he gets one, he’ll no doubt rise on this list.

19. Kemba Walker

2018-2019 Stats: 25.1 PPG 4.3 RPG 5.8 APG 43/36/83

SB Nation

Set to be a free agent this upcoming offseason, Kemba Walker has proven he’ll be worth a max-deal. Adding a consistent three-point shot to his arsenal has made him even deadlier. With a 60-point game best this year along with career numbers, Kemba has kept the Hornets as relevant as possible.

18. Bradley Beal

2018-19 Stats: 25.8 PPG, 5.3 RPG, 5.6 APG, 47/35/82

Fox Sports Asia

In the absence of John Wall, Bradley has established himself as the go-to guy in Washington. While his talents haven’t translated to team success, you can’t deny the uptick in all areas of his offensive game. This season he’s easily been one of the best shooting guards in the league.

17. Karl Anthony Towns

2018-2019 Stats: 24.6 PPG 12.2 RPG 3.2 APG 1.7 BLK 52/40/84

USA Today

It didn’t work out with Jimmy Butler and Towns had briefly taken a step back. Since Butler was dealt Towns has been reborn and solidified himself as a top center in the league. The Minnesota Timberwolves may not be in the playoffs this year, but they’d be a dumpster fire without him.

16. Jrue Holiday

2018-19 Stats: 21.2 PPG, 5 RPG, 7.7 APG, 47/33/77

Sports Illustrated

Anthony Davis has hogged all the headlines in New Orleans. Jrue Holiday, meanwhile, has low key been putting up career best numbers across the board. His assist numbers have been off the chart and he remains one of the best defenders league wide.

15. Rudy Gobert

2018-2019 Stats: 15.3 PPG 12.8 RPG 2.3 BLK 65/0/64

USA Today

Rudy Gobert once again is in the Defensive Player of the Year Award race, with a real chance of winning. There may not be a more dominating force around the rim in the NBA. Gobert while not only being a world class defensive center, he’s a tremendous rebounder who has become a more aggressive around the basket threat on the offensive side of the ball.

14. Blake Griffin

2018-19 Stats: 25.1 PPG, 7.8 RPG, 5.4 APG, 55/37/77

Detroit Bad Boys

Who would’ve thought we’d see the best version of Blake Griffin in Detroit? Under coach Dwane Casey, Griffin has been able to shine with the offense built around him. His passing, shooting and all-round play have elevated him into top-15 status.

13. Russell Westbrook

2018-2019 Stats: 23.1 PPG 11.1 RPG 10.5 APG 2.0 STL 43/28/65

CBS Sports

BRODIE!!! Once again averaging a triple-double, it’s crazy how we have reached the point in time where this is no longer a wild occurrence. Let’s not undersell what Westbrook does on a nightly basis. He contributes on all areas of the court and this year he’s added to the defensive side of his game by creating turnovers more frequently. Major issue for Westbrook this year has been his inability to shoot from deep or the charity stripe, fix these holes and he’s back in the Top 10.

12. Damian Lillard

2018-19 Stats: 26.1 PPG, 4.6 RPG, 6.4 APG, 45/37/91

Deseret News

Damian Lillard may be the league’s most underrated superstar. The fact he’s in a small market in Portland draws our attention to the flashier guards like Curry and Irving. Dame is a regular season master. Trail Blazer fans are no doubt hoping he can produce when it matters most in the postseason.

11. Anthony Davis

26.5 PPG 12.2 RPG 4.0 APG 2.5 BLKS 1.6 STL 51/33/79

USA Today

I know, I know. Anthony Davis at #11? This is where we remind you that this list is based on this current season. Davis is well on his way to becoming the best player in the NBA, his versatility goes nearly unmatched there’s no glaring weaknesses to his game. Not to mention he’s only 25. With all that said though, Anthony Davis being played now in limited minutes and playing in no back to backs, has him outside of the Top 10.

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