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  • Jorge Cantu

NBA DFS DraftKings Lineups - March 13, 2019


Here are some NBA DFS DraftKings value plays for tonight's 6-game slate. Come back tomorrow for more lineups and today's results!

March 12 Results:

Lineup 1 - 321.75

I expected this lineup to kick some arse, but not this much! Everybody but Marco Belinelli comfortably exceeded value, as Jalen Brunson, Ryan Arcidiacono, and DeMar DeRozan led the way. My projections were right on point, and hopefully we'll be able to continue capitalizing off these.

Six more games to knock down tonight, and we're looking for more green. Make sure you give these lineups a look every day; you never know what you will find! Remember you can follow me on Twitter @CantuNBA for more NBA and DFS content! Here is today's NBA DFS DraftKings lineup:


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