• Jorge Cantu

NBA DFS DraftKings Lineups - Feb. 25, 2019


Here are some NBA DFS DraftKings value plays for tonight's 11-game slate. Come back tomorrow for more lineups and today's results!

Feb. 23 Results:

Lineup 1 - 253

I didn't play yesterday because there were only three games and spread all over the day, so these are the day before yesterday's results. We were on our way to a good night, but the underperformers ruined the party. Draymond Green was the main letdown, as most everyone else either came very close to hitting value or barely hit it. Big shoutout to Buddy Hield, who made up for Green's disappointing night and helped us get to value zone.

We have yet another 11-game night madness and it's time to get some cash. Make sure you give these lineups a look every day; you never know what you will find! Remember you can follow me on Twitter @CantuNBA for more NBA and DFS content! Here is today's NBA DFS DraftKings lineup: