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The Brooklyn Buzz Ep. 94 - Mailbag 2.0

The Brooklyn Buzz Ep. 94 - Mailbag 2.0

Nick Fay and Jac Manuell answer some great Nets questions via the Buzz listeners Zach Murphy-‏ @zmurph If all major FA’s in the 3/4 spot get taken away, and we flunk in FA, are we still content with this team possibly treading water in low seeds knowing next years FA class is horrendous and eventually paying LeVert and Jarrett may halt our possible improvements? Will‏ @wjax99 Do you think the closer role will change game by game now that Caris and Spence will hopefully get full min next week? And out of the big 4 teams in the east, who do the Nets matchup against best? Duane Chandler‏ @darqnyt27 I thought that this could be a 35-38 Win team at the year’s start; they’re more special than I initially hoped. Do you think they can hit the upper echelon‘s of the league through developing this core, or by selling/trading some of it off to get a star?

People talk about Dinwiddie, DMC & Joey B like stocks to be traded high, but what if they are the core of a potential champion, given their developmental trajectory?

Bruce Jones‏ @RuFan130 Outside the box targets/trades this summer? How can Sean marks get creative to make this team win 50 in 2019-20 Jesse Hoff‏ @hoffsbeefs Am I crazy for wanting Brook lopez back? Also is it just me or did we get a little over eager on kuruc fever? Jabari Jelks‏ @delaybaro what’s the best crunch time lineup at full strength? David Stone‏ @DStone Which of the Nets vets will not be on the roster next season? (DeMarre, Napier, Dudley, or Davis) Yong‏ @syc22 what are the PFs who are the most realistic targets and best fits for the nets in the coming draft? Rui, PJ Washington, etc



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