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Trade Deadline Marathon: Day 27

MEM receives: Brandon Knight, HOU 2019 first round pick lottery protected, HOU 2021 2nd round pick

HOU receives: Garrett Temple, JaMychal Green

The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor reported that Houston have had talks with Memphis in offloading guard Brandon Knight for a first round pick and other pieces. Daryl Morey and the Rockets have no fear in dishing out a first rounder if it means improving their team in the short-term. As for the Grizzlies, they’d be wise to do such a deal as it helps accelerate their rebuild and gives them greater lottery odds for 2019.

Brandon Knight has been a liability ever since Houston acquired him before the season. His injury history has plagued the recent portion of his career. Knight has played 118 minutes in 12 games for Houston and doesn’t look like reviving his career any time soon. He’s still only 27 years of age, so who knows, maybe a change of scenery in Memphis could be the change he needs.

Garrett Temple and JaMychal Green would be perfect pieces for the Rockets. Both guys would provide desperate depth to an injury ravaged squad. On top of that they can hit the three ball at a solid rate while providing competent defense. Their value to Houston would be second to none.

As of February 2nd, the Rockets are sixth in the Western Conference standings. With the Jazz, Clippers and Lakers breathing down their neck, the addition of two rotation players would help solidify their place in a clustered playoff race out West.

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