• Matt Peoples

Trade Deadline Marathon: Day 22

Rockets Receive: Markelle Fultz, TJ McConnell

Sixers Receive: Eric Gordon, Houston 2021 First Round pick

After the recent resurgence of the Rockets along with the acquisition of Austin Rivers, this trade may seem a little farfetched. However, with injuries to Chris Paul and a dearth of a true backup point guard, the Rockets may take a look at this. Although it’s unlikely, the Rockets have yet to fully regain their form from last year even in lieu of James Harden going Super Sayain. Plus, no one has ever mistaken Darryl Morey for a man tied to the status quo.

For the Sixers, they lose all backup point guard play which would need immediate addressing. However, adding a proven three point sniper like Gordon along with a first round pick may be too good to ignore. The Sixers have struggled without shooting and although he’s not firing as the same clip as prior years, Gordon has a capability and gravity that has to be respected. The first round pick could look to be flipped for more depth at the reserve guard spot.

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