• Melod Askari

Loddy's NBA Locks 01/26/19


Loddy's NBA LOCKS for the games played in the National Basketball Association on Saturday January 26th 2019. Locks for two games. A potential finals matchup in Boston tonight between the Celtics and Warriors, who will come out on top? The Philadelphia 76ers will be in Denver tonight without Joel Embiid and Jimmy Butler, can they keep it close?

DO NOT BASE YOUR PICKS SOLELY OFF O/U AND ATS RECORDS. The NBA is fluid, guys sit games out, chemistry develops, trades happen...Loddy's Locks is aimed at providing novice bettors with the information they need to begin their journey into the sports betting world. For experienced bettors, using the ATS record and O/U trends for the basis of your bets fails to take into account the fluidity of the NBA.

Loddy's NBA Locks will breakdown the specific game, other similar situations and bow the teams did in those games, as well as how the teams are performing at the current moment. Vegas Insider is the only tool you need and it's free, don't waste your money on websites such as "Sports Insights" or "My Bookie". Tune into daily episodes of Loddy's locks for betting advice and turn yourself into an expert on Sports Betting.

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