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Trade Deadline Marathon: Day 14

SAC receives: PG Jeremy Lin

ATL receives: PF Zach Randolph, SG Ben McLemore, 2020 unprotected Second-Round Pick

It was reported on Thursday (E.Jay Zarett of Sporting News) that Sacramento could be on the hunt to add a quality piece for depth, more specifically, a point guard. With Jeremy Lin having been the talk of many trade rumors regarding the Hawks, this makes a ton of sense. The 30-year-old is averaging 10.8 PPG and 3.6 APG in 39 games of action. His contract is expiring, making Lin an attractive acquisition right before the trade deadline. He would serve as an immediate bolster to the team’s second unit and could assist in the furthering of De’Aaron Fox’s development.

With many possible suitors around the league, the asking price may rise. The package that the Kings are offering in this deal may not be the most appealing, but there are many moving parts. For starters, the Hawks add a veteran power forward who could serve as a short-term mentor for John Collins and company. Additionally, they add a 25-year-old shooting guard who has fallen out of the Kings’ rotation due to the likes of Buddy Hield, Bogdan Bogdanovic, and Iman Shumpert. McLemore has only appeared in 18 games in 2018-19, averaging career-lows in minutes (8.1) and points per game (3.6). However, there is still some hope that the young journeyman can find a role on the right team and Atlanta will be able to give him that tryout. Besides, both players will become unrestricted free agents in July, meaning that the Hawks will have no long-term financial obligations.

The 2020 second-rounder may not seem like much, but the Hawks are in tank-mode and could use any asset that they can get. There is a possibility they may seek an additional one, but with Lin becoming a free agent in July and the trade deadline less than a month away, Atlanta does not have a ton of leverage.

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