• Théo Salaun

Trade Deadline Marathon: Day 8.3

Jeremy Lin is balling out this season, but the Atlanta Hawks are tanking so the 30-year-old playmaker is relegated to just 19 minutes per game (the second-lowest of his career after his rookie season). With that in mind, this "Trading Jeremy Lin" series will try to help the Hawks figure out a good way to move Lin's $13.8 mil, expiring contract for pieces they are more comfortable rebuilding with.

Finally healthy, having already played in as many games this season as he had in the past two seasons combined, Lin is averaging 11 points on 49% shooting from the field and 36% from three. Reddit is reasonably outraged, as Lin's MPG ranks dead-last for players scoring 10+ PPG, despite his 62.3% TS — sparking the #FreeLinsanity movement. Conversely, the New Orleans Pelicans are in the playoff hunt and increasingly desperate to make a move with the rumor vultures looking hungry and circling around an Anthony Davis departure. With guys like Darius Miller (23mpg, 41% FG%), Solomon Hill (21mpg, 40% FG%), and Tim Frazier (20mpg, 4.9 PPG) clogging up the offense — the Pelicans could use a veteran playmaker and scorer right now to ease AD's frustrations and start winning games.

While the Hawks don't have much use for Solomon Hill, he is a 27-year-old tank specialist and Frank Jackson is an interesting piece for a rebuilding team as a 20-year-old shooting 44% from the field and 43% from three. The Pelicans net some instant offense to comfort their superstar and the Hawks net a young piece, with the potential to push NOLA for a second-round pick as well.

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