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Trade Deadline Marathon: Day 6.1

CLE receives: PG Brandon Knight, 2019 First Round Pick

HOU receives: SG J.R. Smith

This just makes too much sense for both sides; Cleveland is able to part ways with J.R. Smith and add a first rounder in the process, and the Rockets acquire a much-needed three-point-shooting guard. Though the 33-year-old has only appeared in 11 games this season with an average of 20.2 minutes per game and is averaging a career-low 6.7 PPG on 30.8% three-point shooting, just a year ago he started 60+ games and averaged 8.3 points on 37.5% from behind the arc; this season just went sideways when LeBron left.

At this point, the Cavaliers should just elect to plan for the future. Brandon Knight may not offer significant value on the court, but a first-round selection would be a great return for Smith. Cleveland will need to act soon because J.R. is not getting any younger and holding him out of games will do nothing but lower his trade value. Being plagued with injuries all season long, Houston may be desperate enough to offer this package. If the Rockets have turned the corner, as recent results seem to indicate, the recent addition of Austin Rivers may mean that this particular package may not be on the table for much longer.

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