• Dalton Pence

Trade Deadline Marathon: Day 4

CHA receives: F Zach Randolph, SG Iman Shumpert, C Kosta Koufos

SAC receives: F Nicolas Batum, SG Jeremy Lamb, PF Frank Kaminsky, 2019 First Round Pick, 2020 Second Round Pick

Charlotte is desperate to rid themselves of Nic Batum’s contract, which is regarded as perhaps the league’s worst, and Sacramento is one of the only teams that might be able to absorb it. This is big for Charlotte, who acquires three soon-to-be free agents. For the Kings to accept the deal, the Hornets have to throw in Kaminsky and Lamb, along with two picks. The deal breaker might be Charlotte’s 2019 first round pick -- depending on how the season goes, the pick could potentially land in the lottery.

The deal is a no-brainer for Charlotte despite having to deal Lamb, who is averaging 15.2 PPG and 5.6 RPG (both career-highs). For Sacramento, they add quality role players in Lamb and Kaminsky. Who knows: perhaps a change of scenery for Batum will allow him to return to a level similar to the one he was at in Portland. Regardless, a potential lottery pick in a season the Kings do not have their own first-rounder could push them to pull the trigger.

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