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  • Jac Manuell

Trade Deadline Marathon: Day 3

Boston receive: Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Shabazz Napier, the rights to Denver’s 2019 first round pick

Brooklyn receive: Jaylen Brown

My boss Nick Fay made me do this. In all honesty this is an optimistic trade from the Nets perspective. Jaylen Brown would be such a tantalising fit under the player development expertise of Coach Atkinson.

I would almost trade the Nets own 2019 pick for Brown, especially if the Nets continue the trajectory they’re heading on. Brown won’t turn 23 until next season and with this year’s class projected to be a little more shallow, it wouldn’t be the worst decision from Sean Marks and his team.

Brown’s size and defensive acumen would immediately be a perfect fit alongside someone like the injured Caris LeVert. Their defensive upside would immediately make the Nets a force on that end of the floor for years to come.

Jaylen Brown’s three point shooting has regressed significantly but I trust in the Brooklyn system. With their quality coaching he’d more than likely be able to get back to being at least serviceable in that area.

From the Celtics side of things they’d get another asset in the first round pick plus a proven rotation guard in Napier if they wanted to move Rozier. Hollis-Jefferson is a restricted free agent so if they wanted to just renounce his rights they could. It’d be interesting to see him in Brad Stevens’ system given the defensive capabilities he possesses.

Danny Ainge is likely stockpiling assets for a much bigger fish (*cough, Davis*). Surely he could do the Nets a solid though. Seeing as Jaylen Brown was selected with a pick acquired from Brooklyn in the first place.

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