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  • Jac Manuell

Trade Deadline Marathon 2018-19: Day 1

Unless you’re a Golden State fan this trade isn’t gonna make you happy. The rumours of Golden State being interested in Anthony Davis have been made evident by plenty.

With the rumblings of Kevin Durant departing the franchise in free agency, if GM Bob Myers and his team were to secure the talents of Davis then it certainly wouldn’t hurt in the hopes of retaining Durant.

The trade itself is centred around Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. You can chuck in a few first or second rounders, or some pick swaps, but Thompson and Green is what makes the deal work.

Draymond Green’s offensive game has slipped this season. His passing is still elite and he remains one of the best defenders in the game. It’s the shooting that’s taken a major step backwards.

Green is shooting nearly 8% worse (24.6%) than his career 32.4% mark from the perimeter. He’s shot less than 35% from the arc in 16 of the 25 games he’s played up to January 5th.

Draymond’s value may not be at an all-time high but he still remains an elite player in many facets of the game.

Klay Thompson has never shot below 40% from three throughout any season of his career yet so far in 2018-19 the sharpshooter is shooting just a touch above 35%. It’s likely going to be a short term aberration but unless that mark improves his value decreases markedly.

If you’re Dell Demps you have to read the writing on the wall. The vultures are circling. Anthony Davis is going to be one of the most sought after players in free agency history. Demps and the Pelicans franchise could do worse than trade him for proven, championship pedigree players.

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